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Radar Run Fun

Thanks to all you participated in the Charity Radar Run today.  Despite the cool breeze, it was a fun time for all.  The Club will be able to donate over $200 to the Aberdeen Area Humane Society as well!Radar Run at Richmond March 2013

Trail Update 3/10/13

Trail is being groomed this morning from Westport to Aberdeen and it was groomed from Westport to Frederick yesterday.  Condition is good and better on the north end.  Get out and enjoy it!  This will likely be the last time the trail is groomed for the season.

Dakota Midland Trail Update

The trail was groomed from Westport to Frederick on Friday, March 8th. Due to the warm weather the trail was not groomed from Westport to Aberdeen.  Trail conditions are deteriorating in the Mina area and in areas around Aberdeen.  We will attempt to groom from Westport to Richmond Lake on Sunday, March 10th.  Unless there is significant snowfall, this will be the last time the trail will be gr0omed this season.  Friday, March 15th, is the last day we are able to groom the trail per our grant in aid agreement with SD Game, Fish and Parks.  There will be NO grooming after that day regardless of conditions.

Last Winter Event set for March 10th

The Driftbusters’ Radar Run is on for Sunday, March 10th.  The course is 800 feet of hard pack snow and the temperature will be a little cooler so it should hold up fairly well.  The Radar Run will be held at Richmond Oasis from 1-4 pm.  The cost is $5 for 3 passes and sledders can begin registering at 12:30 pm.  Riders must be 18 to participate.  All proceeds will go to the Aberdeen Humane Society.  Set will start at 10:30 am for anyone who can come help.  Take in the last snow event of the season for a good cause.  Questions about the event can be directed to Jim Weaver at 605-216-5309.


   I would just like to start off by giving a big thanks to the groomers for the awesome job that they have done this year on the trail.

  The club had a trail ride on the 23rd. and the ride was excellent and the trail was in perfect condition.  We had around 12 members show up for the ride and we had a great time.  Jim Weaver and Sunny Pence did a wonderful job of cooking the steaks at the Oasis after the ride on the 23rd. for the 30 members that showed up.

The Governor’s Ride was held on the 16th  of February and the turnout was very good this year as we had roughly 160 participants including riders, Legislators and representatives.  The ride started at Hardy Camp and we took the groups to Spearfish Canyon to see the water falls there.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day for the ride as the temps were around 40 degrees and no wind so everyone had a good time.

Cheryl Gelling is going to be making the reservations for the fall camp out so keep that in mind.

The club will be having a radar run on the 10th of March at the Oasis.  Sign up will start at 12:30 and we will start the run at 1pm. and it will go till 4pm.  The price is $5 for three runs.  All of the proceeds will be given to a charity of the club’s choosing.

I do believe that it is the time of year again to come up with candidates for the election of officers for the club.  If my memory serves me we are in need of a President elect and some board members.  Please put your thinking caps on and come up with some new names for us.

The club is in need of someone to step up and do the pizza/swim party as of now no one wants to do it and if we do not get a volunteer to do it we will just cancel it for this year. (Glenn Imberi has volunteered to organize this event.  Details will be determined at the club meeting.  THANKS, GLENN!)

The next club meeting will be at the Pizza Ranch @ 7:30pm on March 7th.

Radar run at the Oasis at Richmond Lake on the 10th of  March starting at 12:30.

Jeff Thorne, President