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Schedule of Trail Rides

Schedule of Trail Rides


All planned trail rides start at 1 pm. and if temperature is 0 or above.


   Sat. Jan. 3rd. 2015 leaving Aberdeen at North Softball Complex

   Sat. Jan. 10th. leaving the Richmond Oasis

   Sun. Jan. 18th. leaving the Wakeside at Mina.

   Sat. Jan. 24th. leaving The Shed in Westport.

   Weekend of Jan. 31st. club ride at Rec. Springs in the Black Hills.

   Sat. Feb. 7th. ride to Frederick followed by a chili feed at Frederick.

   Weekend of Feb. 14th. Governor’s ride in the Black Hills.

   Sat. Feb. 21st. at Richmond Oasis Radar Run 1 to 4 pm. followed by steak

                     feed for club members at 5:30 pm.

   Weekend of Feb. 28th. possible ride on the Sisseton/Webster trails.

         Check web site for more details, changes, and updates.

Dec. 4th. meeting minutes

DriftBusters December 4th. 2014 meeting minutes

Date: Dec. 4th. 2014

Call to order by Pres. James Gelling

Introductions were made by all

Sec. report by Cheryl Gelling, Motion to approve by Al Nagel, seconded by Jamie Imberry, motion approved. Treasures report by Jim Friedt, Motion to approve by Duane Sutton, seconded by Ann Nagel. Motion approved.

Committee Reports:

SDSA Report by Al Nagel: SDSA trailer has been picked up by Tim Lund’s son with the Trailbusters tonight. Governor’s ride is coming up on Feb. 15th. A block of rooms have been set aside at the Comfort Inn in Deadwood.

Advisory Report by Al Nagel: Advisory council meeting is Feb. 13th. Some rerouting of the trails has been made in the hills.

Trail Report by Jim Weaver: The trail is in and Becky Graff sent us a report of a few issues to correct otherwise she said it looks good. There was some discussion on the new signing. Duane Sutton is taking care of having some gravel put on the trail crossing below the Richmond Dam where some cement culverts are sticking up. When servicing the groomer it was discovered that the rear suspension springs are broke and the rear differential needs to be rebuilt. Because no one in Aberdeen has the tools to do this it will have to be taken to Sioux Falls for the repairs. (Note: because the groomer is owned by the state the state will pay for these repairs). Thank you to Jim Weaver for servicing the groomer. We are still in need of groomer operators.  

Emergency Reaction by Sonny Pence: none

Safety report by Corey Gelling : 6 people took the course, one was too young to be certified but the other 5 all passed and Corey will get their certificates to them. The Primrose Gym worked out well.  

Publicity: It was decided we will contact the paper about doing an article about our trail when we get started grooming.

Activities: Some dates were decided for trail rides this winter. It was decided all rides would start at 1pm. and no rides if the temperature is below 0. First ride is Sat. Jan,3, leaving Aberdeen at north soft ball complex, Sat. Jan 10, leaving the Richmond Oasis, Sun. Jan.18 leaving the Wakeside at Mina, Sat. Jan 24th. leaving The Shed in Westport. The next weekend Jan. 31st. is the club ride at Rec. Springs in the Black Hills, Sat. Feb. 7th. trail ride to Frederick followed by a Chili Feed. Governor’s Ride in the Hills the weekend of 14th. Sat. Feb 21st. Richmond Oasis, Radar run, 1 to 4, followed by a steak feed for club members at 5:30, discussed going over and riding the Sisseton/Webster trails the weekend of Feb 28th.

Old Business: A special plague was passed around for everyone to look at that was presented to the Driftbusters at the convention from ACSA for our clubs generous contributions to ACSA. It will be placed in the trophy case in the back room of the Pizza Ranch. Kelly received the contract from the Ramkota for the 2016 convention, but she noted that some things have to be changed so she will take care of that. Asking all members to come up with some ideas for such things as: entertainment and a theme, etc. Discussion was held on the ISC convention as they are looking for sponsorships for the activities. Duane Sutton made a motion to donate $500 to be a welcome receptionist/hospitality room, seconded by Al Nagel, motion approved.    

New Business: Tom Wanttie presented us with a check for $650 from the Optimist Club for the haunted forest scene at halloween. A big thank you to Tom and the Optimist Club. Greg Jensen with the Pizza Ranch has offered to give every new member that we sign up this year 2 free buffet meals but they have to come to a meeting to receive their free buffet meals. He has also said he will give any club member that signs up 5 or more new members a free buffet meal a month for a year. A big thank you to Greg and the Pizza Ranch for this offer. There was some discussion on members paying their yearly dues on line and because the money goes to SDSA on the state level we do not receive timely notices of who has paid and when.

Because the Jan meeting date falls on Jan 1 it was decided to move our next meeting date to Jan. 8th. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.    

Motion to adjourn by Jim Weaver, seconded by Ann Nagel, motion approved, meeting adjourned.

James Gelling, Pres.

December 2014 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

The 2014 SDSA State Snowmobile Convention in Deadwood was a great success. It was well represented by all the snowmobile clubs in the state. Thank you to all the members of the Driftbusters that attended. We were well represented. We were told that we lost the trophy for the largest club by one membership. So I challenge every member to work harder to sign up new members so we can bring the trophy back to Aberdeen next year. Duane Sutton was nominated for National Hall of Fame.

The Driftbusters have won the bid for the 2016 SDSA State Snowmobile Convention. The next 2 years will be busy planning for the convention. We will need a lot of volunteers to help with this project. A big thank you to Duane Sutton for bringing back the SDSA trailer with the simulator in it for our safety course.

The safety course was held Nov. 23rd. at the new location. The Primrose gym worked out great for this. Corey had 6 people who participated and 5 of them were 12 and older to be certified and will be receiving their certificate from the state. Thank you to Wanda Gelling for bringing homemade cookies as they all enjoyed them. Thanks to Corey and Kate for the chips, beverages, and snacks.

The snowmobile trail is all marked and waiting for Becky Graff, with the Game, Fish, and Parks, to inspect it and tell us if we need to make any changes. If we get snow and the inspection has been completed and the changes done, we can start grooming Dec. 1st. so think lots of SNOW!!!!!!! The groomer is scheduled to be serviced this week and will be ready to start grooming.

There are still a few rooms available at Rec. Springs for the club ride the last weekend in Jan. so anyone needing a room can do so by getting on the Driftbusters web site and clicking on Jan. Club Ride in the Hills.

We will be discussing plans for trail rides, fund raisers, and other fun activities at our Dec. meeting so please be sure and attend. We need all the young members to please come forward and present your ideas so we can plan new events.

To all members and businesses who have paid your dues a big thank you. Without your support we would not be able to have a club.

Next meeting is Dec. 4th. at 7:30pm in the back room of the Pizza Ranch.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

James Gelling, President

November meeting minutes

Driftbusters Snowmobile Club Meeting

DATE:   Nov. 13, 2014

Pizza Ranch

7:30 PM


Meeting called to order by President James Gelling

Introductions made by all.

We would like to welcome Todd Bistodeau who just signed up as a new member.

Secretary report by Cheryl Gelling.   Motion to approve by Corey Gelling, Seconded by Becky Graff,

Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report by Jim Friedt, Motion to approve by Jeff Thorne, Seconded by Jim Weaver, motion carried.

Committee Reports:

SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne, state convention was awesome turn out. Beer and bull auction grossed just under $16,000.  Duane Sutton was been nominated for National hall of fame. Our club needs to put together a reference letter for Duane. Governor’s ride is coming up in Feb. There is a block of rooms set aside at the Comfort Inn at Deadwood so if you plan on attending you can call and reserve your room.

Advisory report by Jim Weaver, Jim Weaver touched on the new trail signing, due to the pine beetle problem riders in the hills need to be on the lookout for fallen trees on the trail, the hills are getting 3 new groomers and as soon as they get them the 3 oldest ones will be going to east river clubs.

Emergency Reaction, none

Trail report by Jim Weaver, Jim stated the trail has to be marked by Nov. 20th. the slow signs are here so will pass them out after the meeting, the trail maps are here so be sure to take some, we are looking for more groomer operators so if you are interested in being a groomer operator contact Jim Weaver. Becky Graff, with Game, Fish, and Parks who inspects our trail, stated that the week before Thanksgiving would be the earliest that they would be able to inspect the trail. Becky stated that we are not supposed to start grooming before Dec. 15th. but if the trail has been inspected and ok’d we can start grooming Dec. 1.

Safety report by Corey Gelling, The safety course is all set and ready to go on Nov. 23rd. at the Primrose Gym from 1pm to 5pm. An article was put in the paper. The rental for the gym is $100 and they donate that to the Relay for Life charity.

Publicity, nothing to report.

Activities/Trail rides, the club is having a ride in the Black Hills the last weekend in Jan. this is also the weekend of the Snow Cross races in Deadwood. The club has reserved a block of rooms at Rec. Springs, you can go to the Driftbusters web site and under recent posts click on Jan. trail ride in the Hills to get more information to reserve your room.  Radar run, and club rides have been tabled for the next meeting

Monthly News Article, Jeff Thorne will write the article for the Sno Plainsman for Dec.

Old Business, the haunted forest went over good, our theme this year was pirates, the matinee on Sat. had 1200 kids go through, there were about 4300 people that went through on Fri. and Sat. night. Thanks to Becky Graff and the group of volunteers from the AmeriCorps we had enough help to man the scene.

New Business, Jim Friedt said we need to look for more ways to raise money for the club. Jim Weaver said ACSA talked about their continuing legal battles to protect our right to ride snowmobiles on public land at the convention. They were asking for donations from snowmobilers and from snowmobile clubs. After a brief discussion Corey Gelling made a motion to donate $5oo from the Driftbusters to this fund. Jeff Thorne seconded, motion approved. Our club was awarded the convention bid for 2016. The convention will be held in Aberdeen, Nov. 11,12,13, 2016. The convention will be held in Watertown next year, 2015.

Next meeting date is Dec. 4th. at the Pizza Ranch, at 7:30pm.

Motion to adjourn by Corey Gelling, seconded by Jeff Thorne, meeting adjourn.

James Gelling, Pres.


November Newsletter 2014

Driftbusters November Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

   As I write this news letter Cheryl and I are busy packing and getting ready to go to the SDSA Snowmobile Convention in the Black Hills.   Hope to see several Driftbusters members out there. The Driftbusters have put in a bid for the 2016 Convention so will be looking for lots of volunteers if we get the bid.

   The Haunted Forest was lots of fun and an awesome success. Haven’t heard the number of people that went through it but I am sure it was good as the weather was great. A thank you to Ann Nagel and her grandson Logan for manning the Sat. afternoon matinee for kids. A huge thank you to everyone who came out Wed. night for the set up and to Becky Graff from Game, Fish, and Parks for volunteering the kids from the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. For helping set up and man the scene both Friday and Sat. night.Thank you to Lonnie Mikkonen for letting us use his blackbird cannons.A huge thank you to Jim Weaver and Sunny and Stacey Pence for manning the scene both Friday and Sat. night. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you again to everyone that helped with the Haunted Forest as this is one of our main fund raisers for the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Without these fund raisers we wouldn’t be able to pay for things like renting the Go-Karts for our fall campout.

   Time is here again to start marking the snowmobile trail, anyone who would like to volunteer to help please contact Jim Weaver and he will put you in touch with the trail leaders. Also anyone who would like to help run the snowmobile groomer this winter please contact Jim Weaver, his email address is

   The Snowmobile Safety Course will be the 23rd of Nov. at the Primrose Gym, 815 N. Second Street, from 1 to 5 pm. This course is free to everyone. We will have the SDSA safety simulator to help with the training. Those who take the course and past the test will receive a certification from the So. Dak. Game, Fish, and Parks. This certification is now being required in many states. This course is recommended to anyone new to snowmobiling but you must be at least 12 years old to be certified. Adults are welcome. To sign up or to get more information contact Corey Gelling at 605-226-4939 or email him at    

   I want to remind everyone of the club ride in the Hills the last weekend in Jan. which is also the weekend of the SnoCross races in Deadwood. Anyone needing rooms go the Driftbusters web site and click on Jan. club ride in hills under recent posts.

   I want to remind everyone that have not paid their dues please do so as soon as possible as I have said in the past it has never been more important to protect our rights to ride snowmobiles on public land, such as the mountains or the Black Hills as there are several groups out there who want to take this right away from us and the best way to fight them is to become a member of a snowmobile club. If any club members who has any friends or relatives that do not belong to a snowmobile club please talk them into joining the Driftbusters.

   See you at the next club meeting on Nov. 13th. at 7:30 pm at the Pizza Ranch.

James Gelling, President

Jan. Club Ride in Hills

For those who want to reserve rooms at Recreational Springs for the Jan. club ride here is a link for you if you want to book on line.  You will need to use access code AD129.  The link is id=81257&date fro.  You can also call to book, the number is 605-584-1228.  You will need to book by Dec. 31, 2014.



Driftbusters Meeting Minutes

Aberdeen Drift Busters                                                                         Meeting Minutes

Date: Oct. 9, 2014

Call to Order by James Gelling, Pres.

Introductions were made by all.

Tony Schmitt, SD State Trails Specialist, was introduced and gave his report on the new changes for marking the SD snowmobile trails. He stated the reason for these changes is so every state nationwide will basically mark their trails the same way. The biggest change is doing away with the 3 chevron’s marking a safe route around an obstacle (bridges, railroad tracks, large culverts, etc.) They will be replaced by a new slow sign followed by a directional arrow. After a lengthy discussion over these changes it was decided to wait until the convention in Nov. to make a final decision on these changes. Thank you, Tony for coming to our meeting.

Minutes of the Oct. meeting was read by Cheryl Gelling, Sec. A motion to approve was made by Art Ham, seconded by Ann Nagel. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s report by Jim Friedt: We need to pay for the insurance. Decision was made to go ahead and pay it. Jim said he got a message from the IRS stating we would have to do a manual report from 2012 so Jim said he took it to H&R Block and it was $126 to do this. It was decided to have H&R Block do our tax return every year from here on. We have 88 paid members to date. Motion to approve by Duane Sutton, seconded by Sunny Pence. Motion approved.

   SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne: State SDSA Convention is Nov. 7-8, he reminded everyone to get your registration sent in and your room reserved as soon as possible. Our district 3 spot is open and Jeff Thorne agreed to take it again. Everyone wins tickets are available. Nominations are open for man of the year, James Gelling, woman, Cheryl Gelling, Teen youth 12-17,m Matt Olson, 11-and younger tabled, hall of fame, Jeff Thorne. Nominations cease. All approved.

   Advisory Report: Al Nagel said the next meeting is Friday, Nov. 7th. at the Lodge. Duane Sutton gave information on snowmobile friendly communities.

   Trail Report by Jim Weaver: The new green posts are here and they are at Duane Sutton’s for all the trail leaders to pick up. Jim expects the new trail signs any day and will be delivered to him and he will contact the trail leaders to pick them up. Motion was made to ask for an advance on the trail fund, motion carried.

   Emergency Reaction: none

   Safety by Corey Gelling, Safety course is set for Nov. 23rd. 1 to 5 with the place to be determined. Jeff Thorne will check with Mary Ann on the availability of the safety simulator.

   Publicity: It was decided to put an article about the safety course in the Aberdeen News the week before the safety course.

   Activities/Trail rides: A brief discussion was held on the club ride in the Black Hills the last weekend in Jan. Contact Al Nagel on room reservations at Recreational Springs. The rides will start at 9 am each morning.

   Monthly News Article: Tracy Olson will write it for the Dec. Snow Plainsman.

   Old Business. Motion was made and approved to put in a bid for the 2016 SDSA Convention. Ann Nagel, Stacy Pence, & Kelly Weaver will meet Mon. Oct. 13th. to discuss putting a bid together. Hats off to Dan and Joey for putting together a great Gypsy Day float.

   New Business: Discussion was held on the Haunted Forest Oct. 24-25. It was decided to meet Thursday, Oct. 16th. at Lagers Inn at 7pm to work out the details. Anyone willing to help please come to this meeting as we need all the help we can get. Jeff Thorne made a motion that the club buy 5 Everyone Wins tickets, Tracy Olson seconded, motion approved.

   Last point: Next meeting date needs to be moved to Nov. 13th. because Nov. 6th. conflicts with the start of the SDSA Convention.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Joey Nagel and seconded by Bruce Tollefson, meeting adjourned.

Jim Gelling, Pres.

NOTE: Duane Sutton has 50/50 tickets and ACSA calendars, anyone wanting them please contact Duane Sutton.

November meeting moved to November 13th

The November club meeting has been pushed back one week to Thursday, November 13th at the Pizza Ranch.  Several club member will be attending the SDSA Convention in Deadwood which conflicts with the normal meeting date.

Haunted Forest planning meeting 10/16/14

Open to all Club members.  Bring your ideas to create a spooky scene for the Haunted Forest.  Will meet on Thursday, 10/16/14, at 7 pm at Lager’s Inn.  Watch for future details on setup times.  This is a fun event for young adults, teenagers,and those with a love for Halloween.  Help is needed. Questions can be directed to any club officer or board member.

October 2014 News Letter



                                                                                                                               Oct. 4, 2014


Hello Everyone,

   I hope everyone got the message that we moved our Oct. meeting to Thursday, Oct. 9th. so Tony Schmitt our state trails specialist could attend our meeting. He will be explaining the changes on how we mark our snowmobile trails and the reason for the changes. In a few weeks we will need to start marking our snowmobile trail.

   Our fall campout and membership drive was a great success, the weather was a little cool but we still had a good turnout. A big thank you to Jeff Thorne who cooked the turkeys for Friday night, they turned out great. Thanks to Kenny Ham and Sunny Pence for donating the fire wood for Friday and Sat. nights camp fires. We tried something new for the Sat. pot luck supper so instead of having pork loins we had chicken drummies and roast beef sandwiches. A big thank you to Duane Sutton and the Millstone for cooking them for us. Everyone seemed to think they went over great. As usual everyone had a blast driving the Go-Karts Sat. night. Thanks to Jim and Kelly Weaver for helping organize this event and to all those who helped and brought a dish to pass for the pot luck. We had fun and signed up a few new members.

   Would like to remind everyone to please look for the Driftbuster float in the Gypsy Day parade. A big thank you to Dan Rohbach and Joey Nagel for putting it together.

   The Haunted Forest is just a few weeks away so we will be having a discussion this Thurs. night on what we need to do. Anyone having any ideas please come to our meeting and present it.

   We need to set a date for the snowmobile safety course, in the past we have gone the weekend before Thanksgiving. We plan on getting the new safety simulator again

   We need to send in the names of our nominees for (snowmobiler of the year, man and woman snowmobiler, etc.) at this meeting as they have to be sent in before Oct. 29.

This years convention will be starting Nov.7th. at The Lodge in Deadwood, S.D. All the details should be in the next Sno Plainsman.

   It was decided at the last meeting that we would have a club ride in the Black Hills the last weekend in January as that is also the weekend of the Snow Cross races in Deadwood.

   Anyone interested in learning how to run the groomer and help groom the snowmobile trail please come to the meeting or contact Jim Weaver.

A big thank you to everyone that have paid their dues by mail or at the campout. If you have not paid your dues please do so as soon as possible. Your dues have never been more important in helping our snowmobile clubs fight the organizations that want to put a stop to all snowmobiling on public lands.

   Anyone with any ideas on giving an incentive to the new members we sign up please let us know.

 Also we will need to discuss changing the date of the Nov. meeting as it falls on Nov. 6th. one day before the convention in Deadwood.

   See you at the meeting at the Pizza Ranch, Thursday, Oct. 9th. 2014 at 7:30 pm


Jim Gelling, Pres.