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Driftbusters March NewsLetter

Driftbusters March Newsletter


Hello Everyone,


   Our very first poker run turned out great considering we did not have any snow to ride snowmobiles and everyone had to travel in their vehicles. The winner of the best hand was Colette Angle and Stacey Pence was the winner of the second best hand. $360 was donated to Make-A-Wish and the free will offering for the chili went to the Frederick Senior Citizens.

     Thank you to Andrew Johnson and the Aberdeen American News for the article about our club and trail.  

     It was decided to go ahead with the Governor’s ride even if the snow conditions were not great. From all reports attendants wasn’t that much less than last year and every one reported they had a good time.

     The radar run for Feb. 21st. was cancelled due to no snow. But the steak feed was still held that evening at the Richmond Oasis. There was a very good turnout and everyone said the steaks were great. A big thank you to Jim Weaver, Sunny Pence, and Al Nagel for cooking the steaks. Thanks to all of you who helped organize this event and brought deserts. Thanks to everyone who brought canned goods to donate to the Salvation Army Food Pantry.

     Our next event coming up will be the Pizza/Swim party. Possible dates to have this is Sunday, March 29th. or Sunday, April 12th. as April 5th. is Easter Sunday. Glenn & Barb Imberi have prior commitments for both of these dates so we will need someone to handle this event. We will discuss this and finalize the date at our next snowmobile meeting on Thursday, March 5th.

   Our fall campout and membership drive will be the weekend of Sept. 18 & 19th. at Wylie Park Campground which is the weekend after Hay Days. We were able to reserve the same camp sites as we have in the past. They are sites 61 through 68, 77 through 81, and 87 through 89. The club house has been reserved for Sat. night.   Please contact Vicki at 626-3512 or 626-7015 to reserve your campsite. Don’t forget to mention that you are with the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Your site must be reserved before the 1st. of Sept.

     Election of officers will be held at the April meeting. Two board members and president elect are needed for the up coming year. It is assumed that Cheryl Gelling will continue as Secretary and Jim Friedt as our treasurer.

     The April 2nd meeting is one day before Good Friday so we need to discuss at our March meeting if we need to change the date. March 31st. is the last day we can groom our snowmobile trail so let’s keep hoping we get lots of snow in March.

     See you at our next meeting which is March 5th. at 7:30 pm at the Pizza Ranch.


James Gelling, President


The radar run  has been cancelled because of lack of snow.  But the steak feed for all members will still be held starting at 5:30 pm.  Please bring a canned good to benefit the Salvation Army food pantry.

Charity Poker Ride Winners Announced

Congratulations to Collett Angle and Stacey Pence for taking 1st and 2nd place in the Driftbusters’ Charity Poker Ride on Saturday, February 7th.  A total of $365 was also raised for Make – A- Wish Foundation.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Thanks also to the Olson’s and Gelling’s for organizing the event.

February meeting minutes

Driftbusters February 5th. Meeting Minutes 2015

Meeting called to order by Pres. James Gelling.

Introductions were made by all.

Prior to the secretary’s report a discussion was held to change the way the reading of the minutes are done at each meeting. A copy of the Jan. minutes was passed out to everyone present for everyone to read. Then the pres. asked if everyone had read the minutes and if there was any corrections or additions if not then he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Duane Sutton made the motion to accept, seconded Jim Weaver, motion approved.

Treasures Report by Jim Friedt: There are approx. 106 members. Tracy Olson made the motion to approve, seconded by Ken Ham, motion approved.

SDSA Jim Weaver talked to Jeff Thorne and he said they will be having a conference call Sat. night at 8pm to decide whether or not to cancel the Governor’s ride because of the warm temps and snow conditions. Jeff will contact Cheryl Gelling immediately after the meeting so Cheryl can email everyone on what the decision was.  

Advisory report: none

Trail report by Jim Weaver: Jim stated that if we get snow the trail needs to be rechecked to make sure all signs are still in place and none are missing. Jim stated we need a good 6 to 8 inches of snow fall before we can do any grooming.

Emergency reaction: Sonny stated he will go through the list this spring to see if there is any changes to be made.

Safety: none.

Charity: The club received a letter from the Sertoma club asking for a pledge for the new roller coaster ride at Wylie Park. After a discussion it was decided to pass on this. Cheryl Gelling made a motion to pass on this, Kelly Weaver seconded, motion approved.

Publicity: The news article about our club and trail system by Andrew Johnson, outdoor editor, came out today on the Aberdeen News website and will be in Friday’s paper. We need to contact the newspaper to correct the time on the poker ride and chili feed.

Activities/Trail rides: Club ride in hills was great. There was well over 30 members out there and it was mentioned that if we have one next year we will try to do a better job of letting everyone know the time and places the rides will start from each day. Poker ride is this weekend Sat. Feb. 7th. everyone is welcomed to participate so let’s make our first ever poker ride a success. Next weekend is the Governor’s ride in the hills and everyone will be receiving an email Sat. evening letting everyone know if it is cancelled. Sat. Feb. 21st. will be the radar run and steak feed at the Richmond Oasis. It was discussed that unless we get a lot of snow soon there will not be enough time to make a track for the radar run. The steak feed will be at 5:30pm for members only regardless if we have the radar run or not.

Ann Nagel will do the news article for March. Tracy Olson will help.

Old business: None

New business: We received an email from Bill Weiland, NSU music teacher, asking if we could give a foreign exchange student from Germany a snowmobile ride? We invited him to tonights meeting but received an answer that he had other commitments tonight but would keep in contact with us. Ann Nagel asked if anyone knew what the process is on making a member a legacy member for SDSA. It was decided we would check into this and discuss it at a later meeting.

Convention report: As far as the 2016 convention we still need a theme and entertainment.

Motion was made by Ann Nagel to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jeff Thorne, motions carried. Meeting adjourned.

James Gelling, Pres.

February Newsletter 2015

Driftbusters February Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

   WOW!!!!!! Can you believe this, it is the end of January and we still don’t have enough snow to ride or groom the trail. At least we haven’t had a lot of bitter cold weather so with the nice temperatures it is hard to complain about the winter. It is Friday evening, Jan 30th. Cheryl and I have just got back to the motel from our club ride in the Black Hills. The trails are great and the weather is ideal for riding. We all met at Trailshead around 10am. We split up in 3 different groups and all went different directions. Majority of us met at Canyon Springs Bar & Grill for lunch. Kelly & Ann said they were trying to do a head count and said they thought we had well over 30 members for the Friday club ride and it sounds like more members are coming for the Sat. ride. What an awesome turnout. A big thank you to all members who came.

   We have a lot of things planned for Feb. snow or no snow so we will have things to look forward to. First off is our club ride in the Black Hills Jan. 30th.—Feb. 1st. Our Feb. meeting at the Pizza Ranch Feb. 5th. 7:30 pm. Our next event is our Poker Ride to Frederick Feb. 7th. followed by a chili feed. So get in your vehicles (cars, pickups, atv’s, motorcycles, & snowmobiles if it snows) and participate in our first ever poker ride. For more details of the event go to the Driftbusters web site. The following weekend, Feb. 14th. will be the Governors ride in the Black Hills. Sat. Feb. 21st. will be our radar run at the Richmond Oasis from 1 to 4 pm, followed by the steak feed for club members at 5:30pm. We will have the steak feed regardless if we have to cancel the radar run because of no snow.   We also had planned on going to another East River trail system to ride their trail the last weekend in Feb.

   We received a call from Parks & Rec. letting us know that they have 2 large groups booked for the weekend of Sept. 17-18-19, 2015 for the Wylie Campground, which is around the time when we have our fall campout.

   Jim Weaver, Ken Ham, & Jim & Cheryl Gelling, met with Andrew Johnson, outdoors editor for the Aberdeen American News, to put together an article about our club and our trail that will be coming out in the Aberdeen American News.

   Our next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 5th. at 7:30 at the Pizza Ranch at which time we will be discussing setting a date for the Pizza/Swim party and setting a date for the fall campout, as well as details for the 2016 convention.

   If there are any members that are still not getting the Sno Plainsman please contact Cheryl Gelling at  

   See you at the Feb 5th. meeting, James Gelling, Pres.