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November Newsletter



Hello Everyone,

   As I write this newsletter they are predicting rain, possibly snow tonight. We definitely don’t need any snow this early, so let’s hope this may be our year to finally get some snow.

   November looks to be a busy month. To start with, our trail needs to be marked in the next few weeks. As the trail has to be marked before Monday, Nov. 23rd. so GFP can inspect it and let us know if any changes need to be made.

   Anyone wanting to volunteer to help mark our trail please contact Jim Weaver or any of the trail leaders. I encourage every member to do so as it gives everyone a better understanding on how the trail is marked. Grooming will start Dec. 15th. snow permitting.

   Thursday, Nov. 5th. is our next meeting at the Pizza Ranch at 7:30pm. Please make plans to attend the meeting as there will be a lot of things to discuss. A reminder that anyone who sold SDSA Everyone Wins tickets and the fund raiser tickets for our next years convention you need to turn them in at our Nov. 5th. meeting.

   We will be discussing our convention for next year, as I have said before we need all the volunteers we can get so please come to the meeting and volunteer to help with next years convention in Aberdeen.  

   Nov. 13-14 is the convention in Watertown so hopefully everyone that plans on attending has their reservations made. Hope to see you there.

   The next Sat. Nov. 21st. will be the Driftbusters Snowmobile Safety Course which will be held at 3pm at the Primrose Gym (815 N. Second Street). This is free to everyone so anyone wanting to take the course please contact Corey Gelling at 605-226-4939 to sign up or get more information. Several states have already made this mandatory for anyone wanting to ride a snowmobile in their state.

   The next weekend will be Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving .  


   Any member who is not receiving the Sno Plainsman please contact Cheryl Gelling, Sec. Also anyone who has a new address, phone number, or email please contact Cheryl so she can get you updated. If you have an email address please let Cheryl know so we can cut down on the expenses of mailing letters.

   See you at the meeting on Nov. 5th. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.

   James Gelling, President

October Meeting Minutes

                                                         Driftbusters Oct. 1st. Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Pres. James Gelling

Robert Teachout was introduced to the club. Robert is replacing Becky Graff as park manager at Richmond and Mina State Parks.

Introductions were made by all.

Minutes of the Sept. meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling for everyone to read. Pres. asked for any corrections or additions. If not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept was made by Chris Ulrich and seconded by Al Nagel, motion carried.

Treasurers Report by Jim Friedt.  To date we have 53 paid members and 3 associates members. Jim Friedt stated that he has the Yellow SDSA Everyone Wins tickets for the 2015 convention in Watertown. Anyone wanting to get the tickets to sell please contact Jim Friedt. Jim Friedt stated he paid the club insurance of $1,002.32.   A motion to accept the treasurers report was made by Al Nagel and seconded by Joey Nagel, motion carried.

Committee Reports:

   SDSA- Nothing to report at this time.

   Advisory Report– Diane Hiles has accepted the position as treasurer for SDSA.

   Trail Report: Jim Weaver stated the trail route has been approved. Trails must be marked by Nov. 20th. Everyone can start marking as soon as the ditches are mowed and the crops are out of the fields. Jim said we are looking at rerouting the section between SD Wheat Growers and the softball complex. When the groomer was taken out of storage for the Gypsy Day parade it was discovered the batteries were bad so 2 new batteries were installed in the groomer.

   Emergency Reaction; Stacey Pence stated that Sunny will be updating that at a later time.

   Safety Report by Corey Gelling; After a brief discussion the safety course will be held at 3pm at the Primrose Gym (815 N. Second St., Aberdeen, S.D.) on Sat. Nov. 21st. Anyone wanting to sign up or needing more information contact Corey Gelling at 605-226-4939.

   Charity Report- Nothing to report at this time.

   Publicity- will contact Andrew Johnston at the American News to put a couple notices in the paper about the snowmobile safety course.

   Activities/trail rides- There will be a club ride in the Black Hills the weekend of Jan. 22, After a brief discussion Terry Simon volunteered to contact Deadwood Gulch to reserve a block of rooms for the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Anyone wanting a room needs to reserve it on their own as the rooms will fill up fast as this is also the weekend of the Deadwood Sno Cross races. December 19th. was decided for the holiday party and club steak feed and possible radar run at the Richmond Oasis, more details will follow.  

   Monthly news article- Stacey Pence will do the next news article.

   Old business—Ann Nagel bought business card holders and she distributed them to several snowmobile related businesses around town. Ann stated we need to sell a lot more fund raiser tickets for our 2016 convention. She stated the money from the sale of the tickets need to be turned in to her on or before the Nov. 5th. meeting.

   New business- Nominations for snowmobiler of the year and etc. was tabled for now unless someone comes up with some names and people to submit before the Watertown convention. All forms need to be downloaded from the SDSA web site. Duane Sutton was congratulated for being inducted into the National Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Eagle River, Wisc., which was unfortunately the same day as the Gypsy Day Parade.

   Convention report: Kelly Weaver stated the theme for the convention has been chosen which is “ Bust a Drift to Aberdeen in 2016” and she is looking for some Driftbusters snowmobiling pictures to use in the promotion. After much discussion the entertainment for the convention was chosen. Duane Sutton made a motion to accept the entertainment and Ann Nagel seconded, motion carried. It was decided to have a hospitality room just Friday night at the Watertown convention. Discussion was held on purchasing save the date business type refrigerator magnetic cards promoting our convention to be distributed at the Watertown convention, possibly putting them on all the banquet tables at the Watertown convention. Jim Freidt made a motion to purchase 200 of the cards and Jami Imberry seconded. Motion carried. Kelly stated she will contact the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau for funds through the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance to help promote our convention. Kelly stated that we will probably start having convention meetings after the first of the year on Tues. or Wed. nights. Will discuss this further at the Nov. meeting. Also would like to remind everyone that we need all the volunteers we can get to help with the convention.

Split pot winner— Drawing was held for the split pot winner from the tickets sold before the meeting. Jami Imberry’s daughter won $21.

Move to adjourn was made by Duane Sutton and Corey Gelling seconded. Meeting adjourned

James Gelling, Pres.