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January Newsletter

Driftbusters January Newsletter




   Happy New Year 2016.   Our annual holiday party at the Richmond Oasis on Dec. 19th. was a great success. We had a great turnout and the steaks were excellent. Thanks to Jim Weaver and Sunny Pence for cooking them and a big thank you to everyone who brought canned goods for the food drive. Thank you to Alex & Diane Schaffer for letting us use the Richmond Oasis for Driftbusters events.  

   We finally received enough snow to groom the trail, the trail was groomed from Bath to Mina, Richmond and up to Westport Dec. 27th. and on the 28th it was groomed up to Frederick . The east/ west ditches are the best as most of them are full of snow and the rest of the trail is marginal but you can ride it. At least we have a base down now when we get more snow.

   Hope everyone was able to listen to Jim Weaver’s interview on Dakota Radio 105.5 on our snowmobile trail. He did an awesome job. You can go to Driftbusters facebook page and it will show you how to download and listen to the interview.

   Reminder: Our club ride in the Black Hills is the weekend of Jan. 22, anyone wanting to reserve a room needs to contact Deadwood Resort. This is also the weekend of the Sno Cross races in Deadwood.

Discussion will be held at the Jan. meeting on the ISC, (International Snowmobile Conference) on June 9.10,11 2016 in Rapid City.

I encourage everyone to attend the next meeting, Jan. 7th. as we will be discussing rides and events for the rest of the year as well as continuing discussion on the 2016 convention.

   REMINDER; Membership dues were due Dec. 31, 2015. I encourage all members who knows someone who might be interested in joining our club to bring them to our meeting so we can sign them up. Remind them that whether they ride our local trail or not they need to be come a member of a snowmobile club to help fight anti- snowmobile groups who are trying to take our right to ride on public lands away. (Numbers count) in fighting these groups.

See you at the meeting, Jan. 7th. at 7:30 pm at the Pizza Ranch.


James Gelling, President

Grooming Underway on Dakota Midland Trail

Merry Christmas, snowmobilers!  The first official grooming of the Dakota Midland Trail has begun today, Sunday, December 27th.  The trail will be groomed from Aberdeen to Mina to Richmond and Westport today.  Grooming to Frederick will be based on snow conditions.  Ride with caution as there are a few areas with minimal snow.  As always, license your snowmobile and ride safe!

Food Drive Part of Upcoming Holiday Party

At the December Club meeting, it was decided to hold a food drive during the Holiday Party on December 19th.  Members are asked to bring non perishable food items to the Holiday Party.   Food donations will be delivered to a local food pantry to serve local needs.  The Club is providing steak sandwiches with drinks and sides available for purchase at Richmond Oasis.  Cooking and comraderie starts about 5 pm.

December 3rd. meeting minutes

Driftbusters December. 3rd. meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. James Gelling

Introductions were made by all.

The trophy the Driftbusters received at the Watertown Convention for the largest club was passed around for everyone to look at during the meeting and then was put in the trophy case in the back room of the Pizza Ranch.

Minutes of the Nov. meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling for everyone to read. Pres asked for any corrections or additions, if not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept was made by Al Nagel, seconded, Ann Nagel, motion accepted.

   Treasurers report by Jim Friedt. Jim stated that he got a nice letter from Bob & Carol Wuertz stating that they were sending a $30 check as a donation to the club. Prior to the meeting we have 87 paid members and 11 associates. Motion to accept by Ken Ham and seconded by Al Nagel, motion accepted.

   SDSA report by Kelly Weaver: International Snowmobile Conference is June 9,10,11 2016 in Rapid City, Kelly stated we will discuss it further at our next meeting as to what the Driftbusters will do for this.

   Advisory report by Al Nagel: Al talked about the reroutes in the Hills. Milbank received a newer groomer from the Hills so now all groomers statewide are rubber track. Al also stated that clubs wanting to drive their rubber track groomers in events, such as parades, can now purchase a supplement to their insurance which will cost $100. Next meeting is Feb. 12th. 2016

   Trail report. The trail is all marked, Robert Teachout of Game, Fish, & Parks stated that he had inspected the trail and presented a list of changes that needed to be made. There has been 1 route change on our trail. The trail will no longer go to Wakeside at Mina, as Wakeside is closed for the winter so the trail will now go to the new M-Station at the intersection of Nesbitt Drive and State Hwy. 12. Sunny Pence stated he is getting labels to put on the signs to cover up Wakeside and add the new M-Station at Mina. Grooming will begin on Dec. 15th. if we have more snow. Kelly Weaver stated that she has the trail maps to hand out after the meeting.

   Emergency reaction by Sunny Pence. Sunny stated that he is working on updating it.

   Safety course by Corey Gelling. No one showed up to take the course this year. Corey asked everyone’s opinion about having the safety course during our convention next year. Discussion was held and it was decided it would be a good idea and we will work on details later.  

   Publicity: Jim Weaver and Duane Sutton met with a representative from the Aberdeen Magazine to put an article about our club in their publication. Jim and Duane will also be meeting with a representative from Dakota Broadcasting about a week before Christmas to do a story on our snowmobile club and trail.

   Charity: There will be a canned food drive along with the holiday party on Dec. 19th. Every member is asked to bring canned goods for this drive.

   Activities/trail rides: The Holiday party will be held for Driftbusters members only at the Richmond Oasis on Dec. 19th. Jim and Sunny will start cooking steaks at 5:30pm. Our club ride is scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 22 in the Black Hills. Anyone wanting to go needs to reserve their rooms at Deadwood Gulch Resort. There are new owners at Trails Head.

   Monthly News Article :  Kelly Weaver stated she would do the next monthly news article.

   Old business:

     Convention Report: Ann Nagel gave a report on the fund raiser we had. We sold 177 $20 tickets for a total of $3,540, we made $1,540 profit. A big thank you to Jim Weaver and Al Nagel who did an awesome job of selling the tickets at the Watertown convention. Kelly Weaver stated that we will need special events insurance for next years convention. Kelly also stated that she talked to John Green and he agreed to come to our convention next year a do a painting. So anyone having any ideas on what to use for a scene for the painting please contact Kelly Weaver. A representative from Artic Cat approached our club stating that they would be interested in helping sponsor a meal at our convention. We have received confirmation on our entertainment for the convention. Discussion was held on having separate monthly meetings for the convention starting in Jan. A list of volunteers from our last convention was passed around and Kelly asked everyone to update it and make any changes on it.  Casey Weismantel from Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau was present at the meeting and stated his group will help any way they can with the convention.

   New business: We received the trophy for largest club in the state.

Split pot drawing: Ken Ham won $29.

Next meeting is Jan 7th. 2016.

Motion to adjourn was made by Stacey Pence, seconded by Ann Nagel, meeting adjourned.

Pres. James Gelling