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March Newsletter

Driftbusters March Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

   I would like to thank everyone who attended the Governor’s Ride in the Black Hills. The weather was beautiful, the temperature was a little on the warm side but the ride was a lot of fun and it looked like everyone was having a good time. We were a little late leaving Trailshead that evening and got caught in rain which quickly turned to snow which made for a very slow and slippery drive back to Deadwood.

   As everyone knows mother nature has not been very kind to us again this winter. We were able to groom the trail a couple of times so hope everyone had a chance to ride the trail before all the snow melted. We can only groom until the 15th. of March so let’s hope we get some more snow before then. The radar run was postponed with the hopes we will get more snow but as of now that is not looking to promising .

   Our next upcoming event will be the Pizza/Swim party April 10th. at the Super 8 East. Swimming starts at 1pm and pizza is served at 5:30pm.    Wanda Gelling has agreed to be the contact person again this year and she is asking everyone that plans on attending to please let her know a week or so ahead of time so she knows how many snacks and pizza’s to order. Her phone no. is 605-216-2349.

   At our March meeting we need to elect board members and officers for next year. Jim Friedt has agreed to being treasurer and Cheryl Gelling has agreed to be secretary for one more year. We have 2 board members, Dan Rohrbach and Joey Nagel, whose terms are up this year. Jeff Thorne will be President next year but we need to fill the position of President-Elect for 2017-2018. Please come to the meeting if you would like to fill one of these positions.   WARNING; ANYONE WHO DOESN’T COME TO THE MEETING COULD BE ELECTED FOR ONE OF THESE POSITIONS!!!!!!!

   We have had 2 separate convention planning meetings in addition to discussing the upcoming convention at our regular meetings so I encourage everyone to come to the March meeting and get involved in the upcoming convention next Nov.

   The ISC convention will be held in Rapid City on June 9,10, 11. Anyone who would like to attend please come to the March meeting for more information. Towtector will be having a booth there and has asked that every club member that has received a towtector from them to furnish them with pictures & videos along with their opinion on how they like the towtector.        

   The fall campout and membership drive will be Sept. 16-17 at Wylie Park Campground. Campsites have been reserved (61-68,77-81,87-89) for the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. To reserve your site please call 605-626-3512 and ask for Vicki and be sure you mention you are with the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Please check on the Aberdeen Driftbusters web site throughout the summer for more details on the campout.

THINK SNOW and we will see you at the March 3rd. meeting at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.


James Gelling, President

February meeting minutes

Driftbusters Feb. 4th. meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. James Gelling

Introductions were made by all.

Minutes of the Jan. meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling, for everyone to read. Pres. asked for any corrections or additions. If not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept was made by Jeff Thorne, seconded by Ken Ham, motion carried.

Treasurers Report by Jim Friedt. We have 107 paid members. Motion to accept was made by Tracy Olson, seconded by Evan Halvorson, motion carried.

SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne. Jeff wanted to remind everyone that the Governor’s ride is next week end, Feb.13th. The associates will be having a meeting Mon. Feb. 8th. to finalize all the details. He said the SDSA Board meeting is Fri. 7pm and the advisory meeting is Fri. 6pm.

Advisory Report by Al Nagel. There was nothing new to report at this time.

Trail Report by Jim Gelling & Ken Ham. Ken stated that we have groomed 3 times and we had a good base started for the trail until all the warm weather the last week which pretty much put an end to our trail. Jim stated that the groomer is working great. The stickers for the new MStation at Mina have been put on all the junction signs by Sunny & Stacey Pence.

Emergency Reaction Report by Sunny Pence. Sunny Pence handed out the list of members that are signed up to be available to the Brown County Law Enforcement Agencies to be able help them in cases of emergency such as a blizzard. He asked if anyone new would like to volunteer to put their name on the list.

Safety Course by Corey Gelling. The safety course will be held during our convention in Nov.

Charity. Nothing to report at this time.  

Publicity. Andrew Johnson, with the Aberdeen American News was contacted and he will put a notice in Fridays paper that the radar run has been cancelled for Feb. 6th .

Activities/trail rides. The decision was made to cancel the Driftbusters radar run scheduled for Sat. Feb. 6th. at the Richmond Oasis due to lack of snow. We will reschedule if we get more snow. The Pizza/ swim party will be held at the Super 8 East on April 10th. more details will be decided at the March meeting and be posted on the web site. It was decided not to schedule any trail rides with the idea that maybe that would make it snow.

Monthly News Article. Mathew Olson volunteered to do the next monthly news article.

Convention Report by Kelly Weaver. Convention planning meeting was held on Jan. 19th. Kelly stated Joey Nagel is in charge of making arrangements with Mike Duffy to put on the avalanche course during our convention. Kelly stated that we are looking for sponsors to help share the cost of the avalanche course which is $1,500. Safety course will also be held about the same time as the avalanche course. Dan Rohbach stated that there have been 16 deaths so far this winter attributed to avalanches so he highly recommends anyone that intends on riding in the mountains to take an avalanche course. Exhibitor prices will be $50 for an indoor booth, $25 for an outdoor booth. Christy Nagel has volunteered to do an arts and craft event for the women during the convention. Discussion was held on having shirts for sale during the convention. Discussion was held on having a possible lunch entertainment. Discussion was held on the John Green print. Jim Weaver has found a picture of a groomer coming down a section of the Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills and we thought we would have 4 people on snowmobiles parked on the side of the trail waiting for the groomer to go by. Kelly wanted to remind everyone to start collecting items to donate for the silent auction. Feb 16th. will be the next convention planning meeting at 7pm at the board room at the Ramada.

Old Business: Jim Gelling stated that the photo shoot that was to be held Sat. Feb. 6th. at the Richmond Oasis promoting the Towtector has been postponed until we get more snow. Jefferson Lehman, with Towtector, stated that he will still be coming to Aberdeen and would like to meet with club members at noon Sat. Feb. 6th. at the Richmond Oasis to discuss the details of the photo shoot. The ISC convention will be held in the Black Hills on June 9-11.

New Business. The fall campout and membership drive is set for Sept. 16th. and 17th. at Wylie Park Campground. A block of camp sites are reserved for Driftbusters members. More details will follow.

Split pot drawing winner was Jeff Thorne.

Next club meeting is March 3rd. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Stacey Pence and seconded by Ann Nagel, motion carried meeting adjourned. Pres. Jim Gelling


Due to lack of snow the February 6th. radar run has been cancelled.  If we get more snow in the next few weeks the radar run will be rescheduled.  Check web site for updates.