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April Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters April 7th. meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. Jim Gelling

Introductions were made by all

Minutes of the March meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling for everyone to read. Pres. asked for any corrections or additions. If not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept was made by Stacey Pence seconded Casey Weismantel. Motion approved.

Treasures report by Jim Friedt. Motion to accept was made by Ann Nagel seconded by Al Nagel. Motion approved.

SDSA. Nothing to report at this time.

Advisory report by Al Nagel. Al read an email from Doug Hofer, state parks director, stating he will be retiring after 44 yrs. With the State promoting snowmobiling in SD.   Al stated that Next meeting is May 7th. at the capital building in Pierre. Al stated that the trail proposal for next year needs to be handed in.

Trail Report by James Gelling. Jim stated that the snowmobile season has ended and it is now time to remove all the trail markers. The groomer is back at Dennis Becklers where it will be stored for the summer and everything was working great the last time the groomer was used. Jim Weaver was contacted by another resident from Elm Lake asking again if the Driftbusters would bring the trail all the way to Elm Lake. Jim reminded them, as we have several times this winter, that they need to come to a monthly meeting and we would gladly discuss it with them. Jim Gelling stated that he put together with Jim Weavers help, a list of things that need to be done to add an addition to the Driftbusters Snowmobile system. Tracy Olson volunteered to take the information up to Elm Lake.  

Emergency reaction. Sunny Pence said there is nothing to report.    

Safety report by Corey Gelling. Corey stated that he is fine with people walking in and signing up for the safety course that will be at the convention next fall.

Charity report. There is nothing to report.

Publicity. Nothing to report at this time.

Activities . Pizza/Swim party will be held this coming Sunday, April 10th. Everyone was reminded that you have to let Wanda Gelling know if you plan on attending. The fall campout and membership drive is scheduled for Sept. 16-17 at Wylie Park, for more information check the Aberdeen Driftbusters web site.

ISC report by Ann Nagel. Ann stated that the Driftbusters have volunteered to help run the Groomer reception on Friday night. Ann asked for a show of hands on who plans on helping with this.

Convention report by Ann Nagel. We were approved for $1,700 from the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance and we need to attend one of their meetings to receive the money. Ann stated that she will let everyone know the date of the meeting and every member is welcome to have our picture taken receiving the check. The more the better. All club members are encouraged to start gathering door prizes and single auction items for the convention and let Stacey Pence know what it is so she can add it to a list of items. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this. Everyone is reminded that the convention planning meetings will be held the 3rd. Tues. of every month until the convention. Stacey Pence brought several samples of hoodies and t-shirts to be sold at the convention. Several were picked out and she will bring more samples at the convention meetings.  

Old Business: Cheryl Gelling reported on the statis of the Driftbusters laptop computer which has Windows Vista software on it which will only be supported one more year. After some discussion it was decided to continue using it until we have problems with it and then at that time will replace it.

New Business: Casey Weismantel stated that Aberdeen will be hosting an outdoors show in Sept. It will be called the Dakota Outdoor Show and it will be held at the Holum Expo building and Dakota Broadcasting will be the prime sponsor. Casey stated that he hopes it will be something that will continue every year and grow. He asked if the Driftbusters would be interested in this by having a booth. Ann Nagel stated that we will discuss it further and get back to him. Jim Friedt stated that he got an email from Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce asking if we would like to become a member. After some discussion it was decided not to do this.

Split pot drawing: Corey Gelling was the winner.

A brief discussion was held on our first meeting date next fall which falls on Thurs. Sept. 1st. which is the beginning of Labor Day weekend or move it to the next Thursday in Sept. It was decided to leave it on Sept. 1st.Motion was made by Tracy Olson to adjourn seconded by Corey Gelling. Meeting adjourned. Jim Gelling, Pres.

April Newsletter

Driftbusters April Newsletter


Hello Everyone,


   It looks like spring is here which means the snowmobile season has come to an end. I hope everyone was able to find someplace to ride as our snowmobile trail had a very short season this year. So now it is time to put our snowmobiles away and get our summer toys out. It looks like it is going to be an early spring which means the farmers will be out in the fields very soon so all the trail leaders need to get their trail markers out as soon as possible. We can always use some volunteers to help in removing the trail markers, so anyone who would like to volunteer please contact one of the trail leaders, they are Jim Weaver, Duane Sutton, Jeff Thorne, and Bruce Tollefson. Reminder, contact Jim Weaver when your section has been removed.

   Would like to remind everyone that our Pizza/Swim party is just a couple weeks away on April 10 at the Super 8 East, with swimming starting at 1pm and pizza served at 5:30pm. If you plan on attending please contact Wanda Gelling at 605-216-2349 and let her know so she knows how many pizza’s to order.

   Our last monthly meeting of the year is April 7th. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.  

   The International Snowmobile Conference is June 9, 10, 11, in Rapid City.  

Our fall campout and membership drive is Sept. 16-17 at Wylie Park Campground. If you plan on attending it is never to early to reserve your campsite. Contact Vicki at 626-3512 and be sure and mention you are with the Aberdeen Drift busters and she will be able to help you reserve your camping spot. I would like to remind every member that you do not need to have a camper to attend this event. Just come out and join us. For more details check on the Aberdeen Driftbusters web site.

   Things are progressing well on making plans for the state SDSA convention next fall in Aberdeen. We have been having discussions at every monthly meeting in addition to the separate convention planning meetings which are held the 3rd. Tuesday of every month at the Ramkota Board room at 7pm. We will continue having these meetings until the convention, so I encourage everyone who would like to volunteer their help to please attend these meetings.

   Our first monthly meeting for next fall will fall on Labor Day weekend so I am guessing we will move it to the next Thursday night on Sept. 8th.   Please check with the Aberdeen Driftbusters web site throughout the summer for updates.

   Jeff Thorne will be our new President starting in Sept.

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to be your President for the past 3 yrs.             Jim Gelling,