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April Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters April 6th. Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by Jim Gelling because President Jeff Thorne was out of town on business.

Minutes of the meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling, Jim asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes if not he asked for a motion to approve. A motion to approve was made by Al Nagel, and seconded by Ken Ham. Motion approved.

Treasurers Report by Jim Friedt. Jim stated he will make an appointment with H&R Block to have the taxes done. Jim stated that we have 103 paid members and 16 associate members. Ann Nagel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, it was seconded by Al Nagel, motion approved.

SDSA report. Nothing at this time.  

Advisory report. Nothing to report.

Trail Report by Jim Weaver. Jim stated we had a very short grooming season.  50hrs grooming and 7 rotations groomed. Jim stated that we had gravel hauled in below the dam at Richmond on the snowmobile trail and we will probably have to do that every year because the gravel washes out every spring. April 25th. is when we have to have the grant in aid forms filled out and mailed in. May 1st. all trail markers must be out. Jim stated that Bruce and Diane Tollefson informed the club that this will be their last year for marking the trail from Richmond to Westport. An email was sent out to every member asking for someone to come to the April meeting and volunteer to take over this section. No one showed up at the meeting to volunteer and therefore there was much discussion on whether to keep our trail system or not. Jim Friedt said he would talk to his son and his son’s friends to see if they would take over marking that section of the trail. It was then decided to turn in the trail proposal for next year.

Emergency Reaction. Stacey Pence has lists of the people who have volunteered to help with this and they need to be double checked for addresses so she handed the list around for everyone to look at and make any changes that were necessary.

Charity: Nothing to report at this time.

Activities: The Pizza/swim party will be at the Super 8 East on Sunday, April 9th. Swimming starts at 1pm and pizza will be served at 5:30pm. Everyone planning on attending are asked to contact Wanda Gelling at 605-216-2349 so she knows how many pizza’s to order.

Yeti Report by Matt Olson. He stated that they just elected officers and they are not that organized as of yet but they would like to invite members from all clubs to events state wide and was wondering what our opinion was for this idea to invite Yeti members and their parents from other clubs to our campout in the fall. The Yeti members would like to have their meetings at these events so they can get to know everyone and plan their events accordingly. He stated they would be meeting this June in Pierre and he would inform us of their plans.

Old Business: Jim Weaver stated that he was contacted by Dakota Motor Sports who ordered the new SkiDoo banner to replace the one that belonged to Duane Sutton that disappeared at our State Convention last fall. Jerome Ottenbacher the owner of Dakota Motor Sports asked if the club would be willing to pay his membership dues, associate member dues and web site dues for 2 years in exchange for his cost for the new banner. A motion was made by Ken Ham to approve this and seconded by Kelly Weaver, motion approved.      

New Business: Election of Officers. Jim stated that at the last meeting Andy Olson and Evan Halvorson were nominated to be board members. Jim asked if there is any more nominations for the position of 2 board members if not he asked for a motion to approve Andy Olson and Evan Halvorson as board members. Motion was made by Kelly Weaver and seconded by Al Nagel, motion approved. Jim asked for nominations for Pres. elect. This spot was left open at this time as no one volunteered. Jim asked for nominations for the treasurers job that Jim Friedt currently holds. Ann Nagel volunteered for this position and asked if Jim would help her get oriented and Jim said he would. Ken Ham made the motion to nominate Ann Nagel as our new treasurer and Duane Sutton seconded, motion carried. Jim asked for nomination for the secretary position held by Cheryl Gelling. No one volunteered so Cheryl said she would do it on a yearly basis so some one else has an opportunity to learn the position and I will help them. The club also stated that Cheryl should buy a new computer as the old one is outdated. Motion was made for election of officers to cease, motion approved.        

The fall campout is set for Sept. 15-16 at Wylie Park Campground. We will follow the same agenda as in the past. Bon fire and turkeys Fri. night and pot luck with meat furnished by the club Sat. followed by the GoKarts Sat. night. Full details will be on the Driftbusters web site at a later date.

Discussion was held on rotating our monthly club meetings to associate members businesses again next year. Everyone thought it worked great and feels we should continue it next year.

Our first meeting next fall will be Sept. 7th. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch. At which time we will pick the club meeting rotations.

Duane Sutton stated that he has ACSA calendars for $20 if anyone is interested.

Motion was made by Ann Nagel to adjourn and seconded by Jim Weaver. Meeting adjourned.

April Newsletter

April Newsletter


   The season has come to an end and still not enough snow to ride here but hope everyone was able to travel elsewhere to find snow to ride.

   Our last meeting of the season will be Thursday, April 6th. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.

Election of officers will be held and the details will be finalized for the fall campout.

   April 9th, starting at 1pm will be the member pizza/swim party at the Super 8 East. Pizza will be served at 5:30pm and everyone planning on attending needs to contact Wanda Gelling at 216-2349 so she knows how many pizza’s to order.

All trail markers need to be removed as soon as possible.

   Hope to see you Thursday night at the Pizza Ranch.