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Sept. 7th. meeting minutes

Driftbusters Sept. 7th. 2017 Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by President Lee OIson.
Minutes of the April meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling. Lee asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes if not he asked for a motion to approve. A motion to approve was made by Duane Sutton and seconded by Al Nagel. Motion approved.
Treasurers report by Ann Nagel; Discussion was held on whether to put some of the club fund into another CD. Duane Sutton made the motion to put $10,000 in a CD for 28 months. Al Nagel seconded, motion carried. Club dues for ACSA. Ann asked if we want to pay the business rate of $250 like we did last year. Jim Weaver made a motion to pay the $250 , Tracy Olson seconded, motion carried.
SDSA convention at Brookings on Nov. 3-4 2017. It was suggested that anyone planning on attending the convention they need to make their reservations as soon as possible.
Advisory Council by Al Nagel; there was discussion on the budget. The state has purchased 1 new groomer. The state is putting up 3 cameras in different locations in the Hills that will be showing the actual trail so anybody wanting to check the snow conditions can do so.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver; Discussion was held on the new signs that the state has put in the ditches that block our trail. Duane Sutton stated that they are in the southern part of the state now and he has been in contact with Derk Rogers of the Brown County Highway Dept. and gave him a list of the signs that we need moved. Jim Weaver stated that the groomer is in good shape as it was all serviced last year and only used once. It has been inspected by the state so it should be ready to go. We can start marking the trail on Nov. 1 and it has to be done by Nov. 23 as the inspection will be done by Dec. 1st. and we can start grooming Dec. 15th. Paul Sivertson and Tom Wanttie will be taking over Bruce & Diane Tollefson’s section of the trail. A big thank you to Paul and Tom for volunteering. Jim Weaver stated that if any of the trail leaders need supplies for marking the trail to please contact him as soon as possible. The state will be sending a person from Watertown to inspect the northeast trails. Ann Nagel stated that she entered the Driftbusters in the Gypsy Day Parade. Joey Nagel, Dan Rohrbach, and Evan Halvorson will be in charge of the float.
Emergency Reaction; Nothing to report at this time.
Safety ; The date for the safety training course will need to be set at the Oct. meeting.
Charity; We will continue selling 50/50 fund raiser tickets at our monthly meetings.
Publicity ; Kelly Weaver has arranged for a radio interview on Dakota Broadcasting which will be live on Tues. Oct. 3rd. to talk about the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Tracy and Matt Olson have volunteered to do the radio interview.
Activities/trail ride. The Driftbusters annual campout and membership drive is Sept. 15-16 at Wylie Park Campground, please come join us whether you have a camper or not. For more information contact Cheryl Gelling at 605-329-7402.
Monthly News article. Matt Olson was volunteered to do this.
Yeti report by Matt Olson. We had a meeting in May in Pierre and another meeting in Aug. in Sioux Falls. Discussion was held on the booth we will have at the Convention in Brookings. Postures were made to get more members and have them to distribute around the communities in the state of S.D. It was suggested that a member of the Y.E.T.I.S. be present when the SDSA board meets to learn how to govern our group and have input in the S. D. Snowmobile Association.
Old Business; Tracy Olson nominated Evan Halvorson to be President Elect. Evan agreed and Ann Nagel seconded, motion approved.
New Business; Discussion was held on the Driftbusters web site. Paul Sivertson was present at the meeting and said he will be willing to help update the web site and make it more user friendly, such as club members would be able to post pictures or videos, also he would help set up a pay pal account for the Driftbusters who want to pay their dues on line. He would help to make better advertising for the associate members. Discussion was held on what to do with the trophies and trophy case. Jim and Cheryl Gelling volunteered to take pictures of all the trophies and the trophy case. Paul Sivertson suggested that if we update the web site he could put all the pictures of the trophies on the web site so everyone could scroll through them and look at the trophies and see what they were for. Discussion was also held on the disposal of the trophies and trophy case. More discussion will be held on the trophies and trophy case at the campout. Al Nagel made the motion to go ahead with updating the web site and Jim Weaver seconded. Motion carried. Cheryl Gelling asked what to do with the old laptop computer. Paul Sivertson said he could wipe it, update it and we could donate it to someone. Duane Sutton made a motion to give it to the YETI group. Jim Weaver seconded, motion carried. Discussion was held on buying a laptop for the treasurer. Al Nagel made a motion to get the same laptop, like the club bought for the secretary, for the treasurer, Tracy Olson seconded, motion carried.
Next Meeting; October 5th. 7:30 pm at the Pizza Ranch.
Motion to adjourn was made by Evan Halvorson seconded by Jim Weaver, meeting adjourned.
Lee Olson, President

September Newsletter

September Newsletter:

Welcome back from summer vacation. Let’s hope for a better year of snow this year.

Our first meeting of the year will be September 7th at 7:30 PM at the Pizza Ranch. Come out and help us get the year started right. We will be discussing the trail – the state decided to move some signs and several are in the middle of the trail so we will need to review options or our trail may be in jeopardy. Also, we will need to decide how to handle the trophy case that needs to be moved due to the Pizza Ranch remodeling. Currently this is being stored in the Gelling’s snowmobile trailer and they will need that soon! Other agenda items include: monthly meeting location, website and newsletter.
We are still looking for a President Elect for the Club. It is important for the Club to continue so we can advocate for access to snowmobiling, have a trail and overall just HAVE FUN!
My son Matt will be giving a YETIS – Youth Engagement Through Involvement in Snowmobiling update from their spring meeting in Pierre in May and their summer outing in Sioux Falls in August. We encourage the teens of our club to join YETIS – no additional fee, but a lot of fun! The next YETIS meeting is scheduled during the convention in Brookings in November.
The annual camp out and Membership Drive will be September 15-17 at Wylie Park. If you do not have your campsites contact Wylie Park at 605-626-3512 and be sure and tell them that you are with the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile club and reserve soon. You don’t need a camper to come join the fun. Friday night there will be a turkey cookout and campfire. Saturday will be the potluck meal 5:30pm with the Millstone furnishing our main course, followed by free go carts to paid members and likely another bonfire. Come join all or a portion of the weekend. Bring along a friend – recruit someone new to snowmobiling!
You will be asked to pay your dues at the camp out – $30.00/year per family which includes SDSA dues and access to the Snowplainsman. SDSA gets $20.00 and $10.00 stays with the club.
There is also an Associate Membership. If you are a business owner or know of someone that would be interested in becoming an associate member, contact a club member and we can reach out to the business with the information. Associate memberships allow the business to advertise to club members and be recognized on the website.
Hope to see you at one of the September events to get our season kicked off to a great start! Call me or email if you have questions or agenda items.
President, Lee Olson