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Black Hills Club Ride

A block of 19 rooms has been reserved at Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort for Jan. 18th, 19th, 20th, for the Driftbusters club ride in the Black Hills. Thurs. the 18th. is $39, Fri. the 19th. is $95, Sat. the 20th. is $105. The 3 day total is $282.86 which includes the tax. To reserve your room call 605-578-1294 or 1-800-695-1876 and be sure and tell them you are with the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. It was decided that the club will pay $20 per member that participates in the club ride toward their supper at the Deadwood Gulch Resort Sat. evening Jan. 20th.
Hope to see you all there as this is also the weekend of the Deadwood Sno Cross races. Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

October Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Oct. 5th. 2017 Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Jim Gelling filling in for President Lee Olson.
Minutes of the Sept. meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling for everyone to read. Jim Gelling asked if there were any corrections or additions, if not he asked for a motion to approve. Motion was made by to approve by Duane Sutton and seconded by Ann Nagel, Motion approved.
Treasurers report by Ann Nagel. Duane Sutton made a motion that when another cd becomes due in Oct. that we renew it for a year, Al Nagel seconded, motion approved. To date we have 58 paid members and 9 paid associates members. All bills have been paid. Al Nagel made a motion to approve the treasurers report, Jim Weaver seconded, motion approved.
SDSA Report: The 2017 SDSA convention is in Brookings, Nov. 3rd. & 4th. Entry forms are in the SnoPlainsman. Cheryl Gelling read an email from Jeff Thorne that he forwarded from SDSA that they will be discussing and voting on raising the annual SDSA dues $10 to $15 a year at the annual SDSA convention meeting in Brookings.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: There will be new trail cameras in the Black Hills. The state has purchased one new groomer for the Black Hills. All the northeast trails will be inspected by a Game, Fish, & Parks official out of Watertown. The next advisory council meeting will be at the convention in Brookings. Al said no decision has been made on the fat-tire bicycle riding on the trails in the Black Hills.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: We can start marking the trails Nov. 1st. and they need to be done by Nov. 23rd. as inspection will be done Dec. 1st. The Groomer is all serviced and ready to go and anyone wanting to help mark trails please contact Jim Weaver at 605-216-5309. Jim said if any of the trail leaders need supplies please contact him.
Emergency Reaction: Nothing to report at this time.
Safety Report by Corey Gelling: The date was set for the free safety course for Sunday, Nov. 19th. from 1pm to 5pm. Cheryl will check to see of the Primrose gym would be available for that day. For more information contact Corey Gelling at 605-226-4939.
Charity: nothing to report.
Publicity: Jeff Thorne sent the 50/50 tickets for the convention for us to sell. Ann Nagel still has Every-One-Wins tickets so anyone wanting any tickets please contact Ann Nagel at 605-228-2143. The Driftbusters were on the In Touch program on the radio promoting the snowmobile club. Anyone wanting to listen to the interview go to the Dakota Radio web site, click on the news box, and then on the drop down click on the In Touch.
Activities/trail rides: It was decided it was to early to schedule anything.
Monthly News Letter: Matt Olson will do this.
Yetis Report: Tracy Olson said this group will be hosting a hospitality room at the convention in Brookings.
Old business: It was decided to give the trophy case to Dennis & Char Beckler. James and Cheryl Gelling are still storing the trophies and the club is open on suggestions on what to do with them. The Gypsy Day float was very good so a big thank you to Dan Rohrbach, Joey Nagel, Evan Halvorson, and their children for doing this.
New Business: Discussion was held on having our annual club ride in the Black Hills on Jan. 19th and 20th which is the weekend of the Sno Cross races. Jim Freidt will check on getting a block of rooms at Deadwood Gulch. After some discussion Jim Weaver made a motion that we have a club sponsored supper at the Deadwood Gulch resort dining room on Sat. evening Jan. 20th. for all club members participating in the club ride that weekend and that the club pay $20 per club member towards their supper. Dan Rohrbach seconded, motion carried.
Next meeting will be moved to Nov. 9th because of the convention in Brookings, and it will be at WakeSide in Mina at 7:30pm.
Jim Gelling asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion to adjourn by Duane Sutton and seconded by Jim Friedt, meeting adjourned.
Jim Gelling acting Pres.

October Newsletter

October Newsletter
Our next meeting is coming up on Thursday, October 5th. at 7:30 PM at the Pizza Ranch. We will be moving our monthly meetings around to support all of our Associate Members so watch the newsletter for locations. Since our November meeting lands the day before the start of the State Convention in Brookings we will be deciding on an alternate date for the Nov. meeting. Watch your email for date and location!
Agenda items for our October meeting include: setting a date for the safety course, teams and dates for starting the signing of our trail, award nominations for Woman of the Year, Man of the Year, Teen of the Year, Groomer of the Year and Family of the Year. Attend the meeting or submit a nomination via email at by Oct. 20th. 2017. If you need a form, please contact us at
We had a successful camp out again this year though the weather could have been a little warmer. Guess it was preparing us for the winter season that we hope will bring lots of snow. Now is the time that we also need to renew our membership dues. Family memberships are $30.00 year. $20 goes to the state for your SDSA membership which includes the Snowplainsman Newsletter. $10 stays with our local club. Dues can be mailed to: Driftbusters Snowmobile Club, P.O. Box 204, Aberdeen, S.D. 57402-0204. If you are an area business owner and wish to promote your business through our local club and at the state level, Associate Memberships are available. Contact Cheryl Gelling, Sec. at 605-329-7402.
The club will be moving the webpage to Paul Sivertsen. Paul has offered to donate his time to update the webpage and help make the site more interactive for our members to post pictures, stories of the fun everyone is having in the snow.
Because the club could not find a place to display the trophy case and trophies, the club decided to donate the trophy case to Dennis and Char Beckler. James & Cheryl Gelling still have the trophies until it can be decided what to do with them.
At the last meeting it was reported that the SD Game, Fish and Parks will be installing additional cameras in the Black Hills so we will now have accurate snow/weather reports throughout the trail.
We will be signing our trails soon – about 75 miles worth. This takes a lot of volunteer hours to make sure the trail is safe and ready to ride for the first snowfall. If you are interested in assisting with signing the trail, please contact Jim Weaver at 605-216-5309.
Hope you can make the next meeting. Bring a friend and your family – snowmobiling is FUN and it starts by getting involved in your local club!
Lee Olson, President