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Nov. 9th. Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters November 9 th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by Pres. Lee Olson
Minutes of the meeting were passed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling for everyone to read. Lee asked if there were any corrections or additions, if not he asked for a motions to approve. Duane Sutton made a motion to approve, Jim Weaver seconded the motion, motion approved.
Treasurers Report by Ann Nagel: We have 71 paid members and 9 associates and 3 for the web site only. Ann stated that she just paid the insurance. Lee asked for a motion to approve the treasurers report. Duane Sutton made the motion to approve and Evan Halvorson seconded, motion approved.
Robert Teachout from Game, Fish, and Parks was present at the meeting and gave a report on signing the trails. He said he will get back to Jim Weaver next week with more details on who will be inspecting the trail. We assured him that we would like him involved.
SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne: State convention was last weekend. The beer and bull auction raised approx. $13,000. They had around 232 people attended the banquet Sat. night. The Sno Cross races are Jan. 19-20th. and SDSA will be involved in sponsoring the races. Governor’s ride will be the weekend of Feb. 17th. and there is a block of rooms that are reserved at the Spearfish Holiday Inn. Kelly Weaver stated that SDSA is looking for a club to help host the Governor’s ride. After some discussion it was decided that the Driftbusters do not have enough man power to help host the Governor’s ride. Jim Weaver made a motion to donate $500 to SDSA to help sponsor the Governor’s ride to help offset the cost, and Jeff Thorne seconded, motion carried. Jeff also stated that it is questionable if Arctic Cat is going to provide sleds for the ride. Jeff Thorne stated that at the convention the decision to raise the SDSA dues was tabled until next year.
Advisory report by Al Nagel: They met last Friday morning at the convention. There was discussion on trail reroutes in the Black Hills and at this time there will only be 1 new trail camera installed. One at Hardy Camp, one at Savoy, and one at Kirk Trailhead which is on Trail 7 out of Deadwood/Lead. The fat tire bikes will use 1and1/2 miles of Trail 3 and it will be marked multiple use. Groomer school will be held Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st. Next advisory council meeting will be 6pm Feb. 16th at the Holiday Inn.
Trail report by Jim Weaver: By Nov. 23rd. all the trail needs to be in. Groomer is ok. Jim stated that he and Duane Sutton rode around with Durk Rodgers of the Brown County Hyway Dept. and made a list of the signs that need to be moved. Durk state that he will take care of this. Trail maps are here and were handed out at the meeting to be distributed.
Yetis Report by Matt Olson. Matt stated that they will now have 5 members on the leadership committee with one of those members having a seat on the SDSA board and have voting rights. They changed the age limit of the Yetis to 12 to 20 years of age. The Yeti silent auction was awesome and they sold all the SDSA stickers they had. Matt stated that the Yetis would like to thank the Driftbusters for donating their old laptop to them.
Emergency Reaction. Nothing to report at this time.
Safety report: The safety course will be Nov. 19th. from 2pm to 5pm at the Pizza Ranch. Anyone wanting more information or to sign up contact Corey Gelling at 228-6827.
Charity: This was tabled until the next meeting.
Publicity/Monthly News Letter: Matt Olson will do this.
Activities: It was decided to postpone any activities until the Dec. meeting and hopefully it will have snowed.
Old Business: All members are reminded the club ride in the Black Hills will be the weekend of Jan. 19th. and a block of rooms has been reserved at Deadwood Gulch and all members that attend the ride will receive $20 towards their supper Sat. night at Deadwood Gulch. Discussion was held on the $1,000 donation the club voted on to give to the Yetis last Dec. Ann Nagel said she would take care of it.
New business: Nothing at this time.
Next meeting will be on Dec. 7th. at 7:30pm at The Shed in Westport.
Duane Sutton stated that he has ACSA calendars for $20.
Lee asked for a motion to adjourn. Jeff Thorne made a motion to adjourn, Jim Gelling seconded, meeting adjourned.

November Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone who had the chance to attend the convention had a good time. Looks like harvest will be wrapping up soon around here.
Time to get ready for winter as we have started and will finish getting the trail signed. Let’s hope this is the year we have a real Midwest winter. Be nice to use the trail, instead of marking it and removing the markers like the last couple of years.
Come join us for our next meeting at the Wakeside at Mina at 7:30pm this Thursday, Nov. 9th. for planning holiday events and trail rides.
PLEASE NOTE: To all members who have not paid their dues you need to do so as soon as possible. Thank you.
Lee Olson, Pres.