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Driftbusters Fall Campout

TO ALL MEMBERS: When you call Wylie Park Campground to reserve your camp site for the Sept. 14-15 fall membership drive and campout you need to call 626-3512 or 888-326-9693 and ask for Dawn or Wendy. You need to tell them you are with the (DRIFTBUSTERS). The sites that have been reserved for the Driftbusters are 61 through 68, 77 through 81, 87,88,89. If you still have problems making a reservation call me at 605-329-7402. Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

April Meeting Minutes

April 5th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was held at the Pizza Ranch
Pres. Lee Olson called the meeting to order.
Secretary Report by Cheryl Gelling. Cheryl handed out the minutes from last month and Lee asked if everyone had read them. Lee asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to approve. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Jeff Thorne and seconded by Jim Weaver motion carried.
Treasurers Report by Ann Nagel: Ann stated that we will have to pay Dennis Beckler for groomer storage which will come out of the trail fund and Kenny Ham for grooming. Ann handed out the financial report for the club from June 1st when she took over the treasurers job to March 31st. After much discussion about if we should change the start and end date for the financial year. Tracy Olson made a motion to leave it the same as in past years, Kelly seconded, motion carried. Ann stated that it shows on the bottom of her financial report that we ended the year with a loss of $3,218.60, part of the reason for this is the fact that the club had to buy 2 new laptop computers this past year. One for the secretary and one for the treasurer. We ended the year with 91 members, 3 were complimentary, 13 associate members, 2 were complimentary, and 3 web site only. Ann Nagel stated that she received a text from Krysti Mikkonen that Krysti would be sending a bill for the Driftbusters web site. Ann Nagel said she would like to thank Kelly Weaver for all the help in setting up the new treasurer’s computer and all the questions I had. Ann stated that we have a CD coming due on April 27th. After a brief discussion a motion was made by Kelly Weaver to renew the CD for 20 months and Joey Nagel seconded it, motion approved.
Yeti Report by Matt Olson: Matt stated that the Yeti has been selling tickets for a camping trip to Lake Thompson on June 22nd. Anyone who wants to join them please contact Audrey Rider to reserve a camp site.
SDSA and Advisory Report by Jeff Thorne and Al Nagel. Their next meeting is May 12th at Pierre. There was very few accidents and no deaths.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: Trail markers need to be out by May 1st., we need our reimbursement requests in by May 1st. and our trail route proposal needs to be in by May 1st. Jim Weaver stated that he talked to all the trail leaders if they are ok with doing their section of the trail next year and if any of them wanted to change the route of their section. They all said they were ok with doing their section of the trail again and keeping their route the same for next year. Jim Gelling stated that a snowmobiler has hit another large rock that was right in the middle of the trail on the Mina loop.
Activities: The Pizza/Swim Party is April 15th. at the AmericInn starting at 3pm with pizza’s served at 5:30pm. Please contact Ann Nagel if you plan to attend and let her know how many will be there so she can order the pizza’s. The annual fall campout and membership drive will be at Wylie Campground the weekend of Sept. 14-15. The go karts have been reserved for Sat. the 15th. Campground site maps were handed out so if you want to reserve a site contact information is at the top of the page. Anyone wanting a campground site map please contact
Old Business: Lee Olson stated that we need to finish the election of officers and board members. Jim Weaver made the motion to reelect Dan Rohbach and Joey Nagel for the 2 open board positions, Al Nagel seconded, motion carried. Jim Gelling made a motion to assign Casey Weismantel to finish Evan Halvorson’s open position for next year, Ann Nagel seconded, motion carried. Evan Halvorson made a motion to nominate Dan Rohbach for Pres. elect for next year, Corey Gelling seconded, motion carried. Both secretary and treasurer agreed to 1 more year.
Charity Report by Ann Nagel: Ann stated that she filed a report with Diane Hiles that we had $1,860 donated and we had 170 volunteer hrs. for the past year.
New Business: Ann Nagel stated that we have H&R Block do our taxes. Cheryl Gelling made a motion that we have our 4 board members be our volunteer audit committee in case the club is ever audited, Tracy Olson seconded, motion carried.
Split Pot drawing: $24. Winner is Dan Rohbach.
Our next meeting will be Sept 6th. at the Pizza Ranch.
Motion to adjourn by Jim Weaver, seconded by Jim Gelling, meeting adjourned.
Cheryl Gelling, Sec.