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Octobetr Newsletter


Hello Driftbusters!

I hope everyone had a nice cool Gypsy Days! Thank you everyone that participated in the camp out and go-cart festivities, fun was had by all!

It looks like the Black Hills might get a taste of the good stuff, which means it’s only a matter of time before we see our first dusting!

Don’t forget to book your rooms for the club ride, and Deadwood Snocross races in January, and I would advise to buy tickets in advance for the races as they do sell out early!

Just a reminder we will start marking our trail Nov. 1st. and we always need volunteers to help mark the trail. If you want to volunteer to mark the trail please contact Jim Weaver at 216-5309.

The 49th. annual SDSA convention will be held in Sioux Falls Nov. 30th.—Dec. 1st. More information will be coming in the SnoPlainsman.

If you have not paid your annual dues please remember to do so. Bring a friend and sign them up as we need all the members we can get.

This months meeting is at the Wakeside on Oct. 4th. at 7:30pm, hope to see everyone there!

Evan Halvorson, President

Sept. 6th. Meeting Minutes

Sept. 6th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was held at the Pizza Ranch
Pres. Evan Halvorson called the meeting to order.
Secretary Report by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl handed out the minutes from the April meeting and Evan asked if everyone had read them. Evan asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to approve. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Ken Ham, seconded by Jeff Thorne, motion approved.
Treasurers Report by Ann Nagel: We have 8 paid members to date. Treasurer’s report approved.
SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne: Jeff said the 50/50 tickets are here and I will be handing them out for everyone to sell. The convention will be the first weekend in Dec in Sioux Falls and more details will follow. Instead of Everyone Wins tickets this year they will be selling 400 tickets at $50 a ticket for a brand new CanAm side by side. SnoPro races in Deadwood Jan. 25-26.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: We had a meeting in Aug. in Pierre. We had a presentation from a lady from Brookings from SDSU on the Veterans Ride on Martin Luther King weekend in Jan. in the Black Hills. More details will follow. The state will be putting up another trail camera in Big Hill parking lot which will be solar powered. Only one trail reroute due to logging and one new groomer purchased. Next meeting is Nov. 30.
Trail Report by Jim Gelling filling in for Jim Weaver: Jim said the state has approved our trail proposal so our trail route will be the same as last year. We need to send a copy of our insurance policy to Ryan Raynor, trail specialist. We can start marking the trail Nov. 1st. We need to check with all trail leaders to make sure they are ok with marking their section of the trail this year. The groomer was inspected by the state a few weeks ago and was given an ok. Tracks may need to be tightened a little bit and we need to decide if we need to change the oil.
Yeti Report by Matt Olson: Matt stated they had their campout this summer and everyone had a good time. The Yeti’s have been invited to sit in on the Advisory Council Meeting at the convention.
Safety Course: We need to set a date for the safety course. We will discuss this at the campout.
Charity: Nothing to report at this time.
Publicity: Nothing to report at this time.
Activities/ Trail rides: Our annual membership drive and campout will be Sept 14-15 at Wylie Park Campground, if you plan on camping with us and have not reserved your spot you need to do so as soon as possible. The turkeys will be cooked Friday night with the first ones done by 7pm. The Sat pot luck will be at 5:30pm with the Millstone providing the meat and buns. Jim Weaver will take care of the beverages and other paper products. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass. Go Karts will follow from 7:30pm to 9:30pm for all members.
Monthly News article: this has already been sent in for the first Sno-Plainsman.
New business: Discussion was held on a memorial for Ken Fiedler, long time member, that recently passed away. A motion was made by Al Nagel for a $500 memorial, seconded by Casey Weismantel. After a discussion on which charity the money would go to a motion was made by Dan Rohbach to give $250 to NSU and $250 to the Yeti group. Seconded by Ken Ham, motion approved.
Gypsy Day Parade Dan, Joey and Evan will do this. Ann Nagel will take care of getting the candy to throw out and Dan, Joey and Evan will get the kids to help walk it.
Discussion was held on the Web site and associate members.
Next meeting is Oct. 4th. at Wakeside Bar and Grill at Mina at 7:30pm.
Motion to adjourn was made by Al Nagel and seconded by Ann Nagel, meeting adjourned.
Cheryl Gelling, Sec.