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Nov. Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Nov. 1st Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Pres. Elect Dan Rohrbach.
Secretary report by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl handed out the minutes from the Oct. meeting and Dan asked if everyone had read them. Dan asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to accept. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Al Nagel seconded by Duane Sutton motion approved.
Treasures report by Ann Nagel: To date we have 65 paid members, 10 associate members, and 1 web site only.
SDSA report by Jeff Thorne: Jeff mentioned that District 3 will be open this year as he is not running again. State convention at Sioux Falls Nov. 30—Dec 1st. Instead of having everyone wins tickets they are selling tickets for a brand new can-am side by side for first place and a honda generator for second place, and several cash prizes . The tickets are $50 each. If anyone wants to purchase a ticket contact Ann Nagel.
Advisory report by Al Nagel. Our next meeting will be at the convention Nov. 30th. at 10 am.
Trail report by Jim Weaver: Jim stated it is now time to start putting in the trail, if anyone needs any supplies please contact him. Trail needs to be in by Nov. 21st. Jim stated he is looking for some help to do some repair work on the groomer, so if anyone is interested call him at 216-5309. We can start grooming the trail Dec. 15th.
Emergency Reaction: Al Nagel asked if Cheryl could send him the updated list. Cheryl said she would do this.
Yetis report by Tracy Olson: They had a meeting in Sioux Falls and they are working on making fire starters and stickers that they will be selling at the convention. They have fund raisers planned to help pay for their expenses and are planning to send a Yetis member to the International Convention again. They had a campout this summer and every quarter of the year they try to get together.
Safety report by Corey Gelling: Corey stated the he has 7 people signed up. We have put flyers all over town and it was published in the Aberdeen American News earlier in the week. Curt Merkel of Curt’s Motorsports offered to host the safety course next year at his place of business which would be large enough to use the state snowmobile safety simulator. The course will be Sun. Nov. 18th. at the Pizza Ranch from 2 to 5 pm. for more information or to sign up contact Corey Gelling at 605-228-6827.
Charity: Nothing to report at this time.
Publicity: Nothing to report at this time.
SnoPlainsman monthly newsletter: Kelly Bindenagel said she will do this.
Old business: All nominees for awards must be in by Nov. 1st to Mary Ann.
New business: Casey Weismantel gave a presentation to the club for a new fund raiser that we plan on calling casino night. After a long presentation and lively discussion Duane Sutton made the motion to do this and picked a date of March 30th. at the Elk”s lodge, Joey Nagel seconded. Motion approved. Plans are to sell dinner tickets ahead of time for this event. It was decided to form a committee that will be meeting several times to work out all the details.
Split pot drawing of $34 was won by Jim Weaver.

Next meeting: Cheryl Gelling made a motion to have the Dec. 6th. meeting at The Shed 18 in Westport. Casey Weismantel seconded. Motion approved.
Motion to adjourn: Jeff Thorne made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Mike Gelling seconded. Meeting adjourned.