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January Newsletter

Hello Driftbusters,
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and your New Year starts out right.
The 49th annual SDSA convention was held in Sioux Falls and had some surprises for the Driftbusters. Dennis & Char Beckler received the award for the SDSA Hall of Fame, I hope everyone had a chance to read the article in the SnoPlainsman about all the things they have done to promote snowmobiling. The club also received the trophy for the largest club in the state. We can be very proud of our club.
Don’t forget to book your rooms and buy your tickets for the Deadwood SnoCross races Jan. 25th. and 26th. This weekend also doubles as our Black Hills club ride.
We finally received our first measurable snow fall and the groomer will be going out to groom Sat. Dec. 29th. We need to give a huge thank you to Jim Weaver, Dennis & David Beckler & Sonny Pence for going to the Black Hills to get a new track and installing it over the Christmas holidays so the groomer would be ready to go. THANK YOU GUYS!!!
Our annual Christmas party/steak feed will be held Sat. Jan. 12th. at the Richmond Oasis starting around 6pm for members only. Bring food items for charity. Hope to see you there.
The club is in the final stages of planning a casino night March 30th. at the Elks Lodge. Please volunteer to help out with this event.
Our next meeting is Jan. 3rd. at 7:30pm at the Titans Bar & Grill in Frederick, SD.
Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

Dec. Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Dec. 6th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Pres. Evan Halvorson.
Introductions were made by all.
Secretary’s Report by Cheryl Gelling: The meeting minutes were handed out prior to the meeting from the Nov. meeting and Evan asked if everyone had read them. Evan asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to accept. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Joey Nagel, seconded by Jeff Thorne, motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report by Ann Nagel: To date we have 92 paid members. 14 associate members and 3 web site only members. Ann stated we have a cd that will be coming due next week and we will have a discussion during new business on what to do with it. Ann also stated that she received a $100 donation tonight from The Millstone. Motion to accept the treasures report was made by Duane Sutton and seconded by Al Nagel, motion carried.
SDSA Report by Kelly Weaver: Kelly wanted to thank Jeff Thorne for his years of service as director of District 3 as Kelly Weaver was elected to take his position. Last week was the convention in Sioux Falls and Kelly stated that Aberdeen Driftbusters won the trophy for the largest club. WOW!!! Kelly announced that we have 2 celebrities in our club, Dennis & Char Beckler were nominated and accepted in the So. Dak. Hall of Fame. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Kelly stated that the state board (SDSA) at the convention voted to increase the general or family membership dues by $5, they also voted to increase the associate membership dues from $35 to $50. These increases will take place next year. The SnoPlainsman will be available via email in addition to mailing. So you can have your choice to receive The SnoPlainsman by email or by mail or both just let Mary Ann Grabow know by emailing You will receive the email version approx.. 1 week earlier. Game, Fish, and Parks are still working on the issue of the fat tire bikes on our trail and would welcome input from anyone wishing to do so. Next year will be the 50th. annual convention for SDSA and will be hosted by The Poinsett Pounders at the Watertown Convention Center Dec. 6 & 7. They are asking for old memorabilia if you have any. The convention for 2020 will be held Dec. 4 & 5th. in Rapid City at the Best Western. Kelly wants to remind everyone that next year will also be the 50th. anniversary of the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: At the time of this meeting the groomer school is being held in the Black Hills. There has been some trail reroutes in the Black Hills. The new trail maps are out and will be handed out at the end of this meeting. They were not able to get the trail camera in at Big Hill Parking Lot. Next meeting is Feb. 15th. at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish. Game, Fish, and Parks is going to sponsor a Veterans ride out of Hardy Camp Jan. 19th.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: The trail is all in and has been inspected by the state and would like to thank all the trail leaders for the great job they did putting in the trail as the state made several comments about the great job we did marking our trail. Jim stated that he got the broken springs replaced on the front suspension of the groomer and has got most of the maintenance done as far as changing oil and filters. One rear u joint needs to be replaced and after talking with Ryan Raynor, trails specialist, it was decided that 2 tracks on the groomer need to be replaced so 2 new tracks are on order and it could take 4 weeks to get them. So we will not be able to do any grooming until the new tracks are on.
Emergency Reaction: Al Nagel passed around the list and asked everyone to check it to see if their addresses and phone numbers are correct.
Yetis Report : Kelly Weaver stated that the Yetis participated in the state convention this year and sat in on the board meetings.
Safety Report by Jim Gelling: Jim Gelling stated that we had 8 participants that took the test and everyone that met the age requirements passed. We also signed up a new member. So would like to thank everyone that participated in the safety course.
Charity Report: Everyone is reminded to keep track of the hours that they donate so it can be turned in at the end of the year as volunteer hours.
Publicity Report: A thank you was made to Kelly Weismantel for the great article she wrote for the SnoPlainsman.
Monthly News Article for the next SnoPlainsman: Jeff Thorne volunteered to do this.
Activities: It was decided to have a Christmas Party/Steak Feed at the Richmond Oasis on Jan. 12th. More details will follow. It was decided to schedule any trail rides at a later date.
Old Business: Nothing to report at this time.
New Business: Casey Weismantel gave a detailed report on our upcoming Casino Night on March 30th. at the Elks Lodge. Anyone wanting more information can contact Casey Weismantel at We will also have more information at our Jan. meeting. Discussion was held on a cd the club has that will be coming due this next week. Jim Weaver made the motion to cash in the cd and deposit it in our club checking account. Duane Sutton seconded it and the motion passed. Al Nagel stated that anytime money is drawn out of the club fund for a special event the board needs to have a special meeting to approve it.
Next meeting will be Jan. 3rd. at Titans Bar & Grill in Frederick at 7:30pm.
Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Casey Weismantel, seconded by Joey Nagel, motion carried, meeting adjourned.
Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

December Newletter

Hello Driftbusters!

Well, the trail is in and now everyone can start doing their snow dances so we can enjoy it! I know that skiff of snow we had at the beginning of the month got me excited to go riding enough to get the sleds out of storage and into the garage for the pre-season checklist.

We had a very good turnout for the safety course on the 18th, and everyone that was of age passed with flying colors, we even had a couple dads challenge each other with the test!

Don’t forget to book your rooms and buy your tickets for the Deadwood snocross races in January, as the races do sell out each night generally. This weekend also doubles as our Black Hills club ride, so the more the merrier!

The 49th Annual SDSA Convention will be held in Sioux Falls this weekend. Maybe with a little luck, somebody will get to bring themselves home a new Can Am side x side!

Just a reminder if you haven’t paid your club dues to do so as soon as possible.

Our next club meeting will be at The Shed in Westport on Dec 6th at 7:30PM, hope to see some new faces there.

Evan Halvorson, President