2019/2020 Aberdeen Driftbusters Monthly Meeting Minutes

2019/2020 Aberdeen Driftbuster Monthly Meeting Minutes

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2019 ADSC October Meeting Minutes

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2020 ADSC March Meeting Minutes

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  1. Nice article in the newspaper today. As a charter member and organizer, it was a great reminder of the club’s 50 year history and it’s continued emphasis on enjoyment and safety. We had a great time on our machines maxing out at 440ccs. We met at the Jaycees meeting hall in a basement on 2nd Avenue (?). There was much debate over the naming of the club as there were many good suggestions. There were snowmobile races in all of the surrounding towns every weekend. I enjoyed racing in many of them on weekends. At age 79, I still have a “sno-go” but use it mostly for ice fishing. It is always sad to see the passing of some of the early members, but there are some of us still around and enjoying life on the snow. Keep up the good work!

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