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March 6th. Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters March 6th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Pres. Evan Halvorson
Introductions were made by all.
Secretary’s Report by Cheryl Gelling: The meeting minutes were handed out prior to the meeting from the Feb. meeting and Evan asked if everyone had read them. Evan asked if there were any corrections or additions. Cheryl Gelling said that the food donations from the Holiday party should read that they were given to Sacred Heart instead of The Salvation Army. Motion was made by Jim Gelling, seconded by Casey Weismantel, motion approved.
Treasures Report by Ann Nagel: Ann stated she is going to transfer the $2,500 back to the trail fund that we borrowed earlier from the trail fund to put in the membership fund to pay the bills. Ann stated that to date we have 103 members. Dennis Beckler received a check for $500 to reimburse him for the $500 check he gave to Lyle Schaunaman for using his tractor and snow blower to rescue the groomer from under the Westport bridge on Hwy. 281. Motion to approve by Dan Rohbach, Cheryl seconded, motion approved.
SDSA Report by Kelly Weaver: They received 10 scholarship applications which is a record. Continuing discussion was held on the fat tire bikes. The forest service is working on a trail map for the fat tire bikes.
Advisory: Nothing at this time.
Trail report: Kelly Weaver stated that because Kenny Ham is in the hospital and the predicted storm for this Sat. the trail will not get groomed this weekend. We also need to think about putting together a trail proposal for next year and if we need to make any changes in the trail route. We can groom until March 31th. The last time we groomed the groomer got stuck under the bridge on 281 by Westport. To see the pictures and the details go to the Driftbusters facebook page.
Emergency Reaction: Nothing to report at this time.
Safety Report: Nothing to report at this time.
Charity Report: Ann stated that we need to fill out a charity report to turn in to the state. Ann will do this. Ann stated that she got a thank you from The Journey Home for our donation.
Publicity: Jim Gelling asked Casey Weismantel if he had heard back from the radio station about the interview we were supposed to do on InTouch. Casey stated that he has not heard from them.
Activities: The club has held 2 trail rides the past 2 weekends and have a couple more scheduled, please check on Facebook for date, time and locations of upcoming trail rides. The radar run that was postponed will be held on March 17th. and the casino night will be March 30th.
Old business: Casey Weismantel stated that he heard back from Ramkota that April 7th. & April 14th. would be available for our Pizza/Swim party. The rental of the room and access to the pool would be $100. After a brief discussion it was decided to go with April 14th. More details will follow on Facebook & web site. Cheryl Gelling stated that she has made all the arrangements for the fall campout and membership drive at Wylie Park for the weekend of Sept. 13-14th. Jim Gelling stated that he had contacted David Novstrup on what options we have on cutting the expense of renting the go-karts. After a brief discussion Ann Nagel made the motion to rent the go-karts for just 1 hr. this year at the cost of $375, Joey Nagel seconded, motion approved. Discussion was also held on how many turkeys to cook on Fri. night.
New Business: Casey Weismantel gave us an update on the upcoming casino night. Casey stated he is still looking for volunteers to help. Discussion was held on the upcoming election of officers and board members for the April meeting. 2 board members terms are up, and we need to appoint someone to finish Dan Rohbach’s board member position as he will be President next year. After a brief discussion Evan Halvorson has agreed to finish Dan’s board member position for next year. Casey Weismantel and Pat McCoy agreed to be elected as board members for the next 2 yrs. We still need a pres-elect for 2020. Kelly Weismantel has agreed to be elected as secretary. Ann Nagel has agreed to be the treasurer for another year. This will be voted on at the April meeting.
Monthly News letter: Kelly Weismantel took care of this.
Next meeting April 4th. at the Pizza Ranch at 7:30pm
Motion to adjourn was made by Casey Weismantel, seconded by Jim Gelling, meeting adjourned.
Cheryl Gelling, Secretary.

March Newletter

Hello Driftbusters!

If you’re not out enjoying your snowmobiles this winter, you’re doing it wrong! We have been getting a nice amount of fresh snow weekly, which has been allowing us to run the groomer weekly as well. That means the trails should be in fantastic condition so I hope everyone is enjoying them! Make sure to pay attention to the Facebook page to stay up to date on when there will be club rides and other events.
The radar run event that was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd. has been postponed to March 17th. due to pending cold temps, and also not being able to prep the surface due to blowing snow.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 6th. at the Elks Lodge again with pizza at 7pm, and the meeting starting at 7:30pm. Let Ann Nagel know at 228-4143 if you plan on attending so she will know how many pizza’s to order. We will take free will donations to help pay for the pizza’s. I encourage everyone to join us there as this will be the final meeting before our Casino Night event and we need to get everyone signed up for a volunteer slot as well as finalizing any other last minute decisions. We need all the help we can get!
Evan Halvorson, President