April Newsletter


   It is that time of the year again when we have to put our winter toys away for the season and that means it’s time to pull the trail markers out.  The trail leaders must have their markers out no later than May 1st.   Also on this same note the trail proposal for next year is to be submitted on May 1st.  If there are any route changes they need to be discussed and planned for before the proposal is turned in. 
  We are in need of candidates for our office (President elect) and we are in need of 2 new board of directors.  If you have someone in mind for these positions please talk to them before the meeting so you know that they are willing to do the job.
  Now on the fun side of things, Glen and Barb Imberi where gracious enough to host the Pizza and swim party and it will be held at the AmericInn on April 7th.  The swimming will begin at 3pm and the pizza supper will be delivered at 5:30pm.  Glenn would like everyone planning on attending to RSVP him at 380-3829 so he will know how many pizza’s to order.
   The fall camp out is all set up and Cheryl will have the details at our next meeting  It will be Sept. 20th. & 21st.
   It was a good year for snowmobiling and I hope that everyone has enjoyed all the hard work that the club has put into our trail system.  I would like to see, come fall, some type of membership campaign to see if we could get our membership numbers to increase.  It always seems to me that on years with good snow we always had an abundance of people coming to the meetings and joining the club, but this year that did not seem to happen.  My thoughts are, that if this continues to happen I can see the end of our trail system going away because we are not getting any younger.  The younger ones do not seem to realize that if they do not join and participate, that what we have now and worked so hard to get, will just get smaller and fade away with nothing but memories of things that once was.  We need to do something about getting our younger people involved before it is too late. 

The next meeting will be at the Pizza Ranch on April 4th. at 7:30pm.

Upcoming events:

Pizza/swim party April 7th. at 3pm—food at 5:30pm.  Be sure and RSVP Glenn at 380-3829

Fall camp out Sept. 20th. and 21st.

Jeff Thorne,  President


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