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Aberdeen Driftbuster Snowmobile Club Survey

Introduction and Background Information:

The mission of the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club is to:

  •  Stimulate interest in the development of safe use of snowmobiles for enjoyment and recreation;
    •    To promote the development and safety of our trail system, by raising funds through sanctioned events, raffles, concessions, etc. and
    •    To inform members of local activities and other general information of interest regarding snowmobiling on a regional, state, or national level.

The Aberdeen Driftbusters has consistently held the largest local membership in the state and provides countless hours of volunteer service hours on behalf of the club each year.  Current members hold positions on state committees that advocate for the sport and trail development.

The local trail system is installed and maintained 100% with volunteers from our local club.  Due to declining membership across the state, several trail systems are at risk of being shut down.  Some have already closed.  We strive to keep our membership active so that the local trail system can be maintained for future enjoyment.

Aberdeen Driftbuster Snowmobile Club Individual/Family Membership Survey

Aberdeen Driftbuster Snowmobile Club Business/Associate Membership Survey

Your participation on filling out the surveys listed gives the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club valuable feedback based on the needs and concerns of the members and business associate member we support. Remember, we can’t grow as a club without the support of our members!

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey contact


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2021/2022 Aberdeen Driftbuster Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club Monthly Newsletter

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