December Meeting Minutes

Dec. 7th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by Jim Gelling standing in for Lee Olson, Pres.
Introductions were made by all.
Sec. report by Cheryl Gelling. Cheryl handed out the minutes from last month and asked if there were any corrections or additions. Duane Sutton stated that Dirk Rogers was spelled wrong. Jim Weaver stated that the club voted to send $500 to SDSA to help pay for the breakfast at the Governor’s ride but another club has stepped up and will be handling the breakfast for the Governor’s ride this year, so we do not need to send the $500. Jim asked for a motion to accept the minutes, Al Nagel made the motion to accept and Duane Sutton seconded, motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report by Ann Nagel: As of now we have 75 paid members and 10 associate members and 3 web site only members. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Ken Ham and seconded by Casey Weismantel, motion carried.
SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne, SDSA is working on getting a new web site and hopes to have it up and running soon. You can get information on the SDSA Facebook page if you need something. SDSA will again be sponsoring the SnoPro races Jan. 19-20. Anyone wanting pit passes can stop by the SDSA booth to get them. The Governor’s ride will be Feb. 17th. You need to contact the Holiday Inn at Spearfish Canyon to get your reservations.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: The fat tires are going to share part of the trail this year. Al said he talked to Shannon Percy and the trail is all marked and ready to go for Dec. 15th. Al also said that he has not heard if the new trail cameras are up and going yet. The next meeting will be at the Governor’s Ride Feb. 17th.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: Jim said hats off to everyone, we have got our trail in and it has been inspected and the corrections have been made so we are ready to groom Dec. 15th. snow permitting. The groomer has been serviced and is ready to go. Ann Nagel asked if we were going to ask for an advance on our trail fund as we have in the past, and Jim Weaver stated he will talk to Ryan Raynor about it. Jim stated that he, Duane Sutton and Dirk Rodgers drove around and looked at all the signs that needed to be moved in the ditches for our trail. Dirk Rodgers has taken care of this so the club owes a big thank you to Dirk and the Brown County Highway Dept. Jim also stated that the crossing below the Richmond Dam in Frohling’s pasture needs to have some gravel or oversize rock hauled in to repair it. Jeff Thorne made a motion to let Duane Sutton take care of this, Joey Nagel seconded, and motion carried. Duane Sutton talked to Les Frohling and asked if he would have a problem with the club putting in permenant posts marking that section of the trail so we wouldn’t have to wait every fall for him to get his cattle out to mark it. Les Frohling stated he would not have a problem with that. Ken Ham made a motion to put in permanent signing in Les Frohling’s pasture and Jeff Thorne seconded, motion carried. Jim Weaver stated he has trail maps if anyone needs any.
Emergency Reaction: Duane Sutton stated he met with Scott Meints and that we need to update our list of the leaders for our emergency reaction team as the leaders have to be members of the snowmobile club. Duane stated that the emergency reaction sled we donated to the county is located in the blue building across the street north from the court house and they have it hooked to an ATV with tracks. Duane stated he will turn the list over to Al Nagel, who is the assistant leader to get it updated. Dan Rohbach said he will volunteer to take the NW position.
Yeti Report: nothing to report at this time.
Safety Report: Jim Gelling stated that he and Cheryl along with Corey and Kate met at the Pizza Ranch the day of the scheduled safety course and no one showed up to take the course.
Charity Report: Jim Weaver made a motion to donate $250 to the Salvation Army, Duane Sutton seconded, motion carried. Ann Nagel will contact them and take care of this.
Publicity: Ann Nagel will try to get a picture of her presenting the check to the Salvation Army.
Activities/ trail rides: Jim Weaver stated that if we get snow he will post on facebook dates of trail rides and trail conditions. Duane Sutton will contact the Richmond Oasis on the availability of Jan. 6th. or 13th to have our yearly steak feed there and will contact Cheryl to let everyone know which date we will have it. It was also decided that everyone should bring canned goods to be donated to a charity at the steak feed.
Monthly News Article: Everyone stated that Matt Olson does such a good job that he do it again.
Old business: Duane Sutton stated he would like to thank everyone that showed up to help him put in his section of the trail. Several of them were young members and worked hard and Duane stated that we need to get more of the young members involved in the activities of the club. Thank you.
New business: Jim Friedt asked for a head count on how many people plan on coming to the club ride supper at Deadwood Gulch. Duane Sutton stated that he has ACSA calendars so if anyone needs one please contact him. Duane made a motion to have our Jan 4th. meeting at the Titans Bar & Grill in Frederick at 7:30pm, Jeff Thorne seconded, motion carried.
Instead of the split pot drawing a surprise giveaway of a 12# turkey was drawn and Curt Merkel won.
Evan Halvorson made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Duane Sutton seconded, meeting adjourned.
Jim Gelling, acting Pres.

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