Driftbusters Minutes – April 5, 2012

Driftbusters Minutes of the Meeting April 5, 2012

Meeting was called to order by Sunny Pence, Pres.
Introductions were made by all.

Sunny introduced Tony Schmitt from Pierre who has replaced Ryan Raynor as trails specialist. Tony talked about where he was originally from and grew up. Where he attended college and the different jobs he has had before taking the job of trails specialist. He really looks forward to working with everyone and said he has been trying to go to the meetings of every snowmobile club to meet everyone.

Treasurers report by Sharmie Jensen; Regular checking has $5,525.22 and trail checking 4,255.70, with 93 members. Motion to approve by Stacey Pence seconded by Jim Gelling. Motion carried.
Secretary Report by Cheryl Gelling; Motion to approve by Al Nagel, seconded by Corey Gelling, motion carried.

Advisory Board report by Al Nagel; Nothing to report.

Trail Report by Jim Weaver; Majority of the trail markers have been removed as they have to be out by May 1.
There will be no changes to the trail proposal for next year. Motion to approve by Ann Nagel seconded by Lonny Mikkonen. Motion carried.

Advisory Council by Tony Schmitt; Next meeting is May 12, at 9am final reimbursements are due May 1.

Proposals for next year are due May 7, Still waiting for the final document of the impact study report made last year. The new $10 yearly snowmobile licenses will go into effect the 1st. of July, 2012.

Convention Report by Ann Nagel: Kelly wanted me to remind everyone to make your room reservations and participate in the convention meetings over the summer. Friedt’s asked if we can go on line to get door prizes. Work on a list on deciding on who goes to what businesses asking for prizes so we don’t have several people going to the same business. Still waiting for approval on displaying vintage sleds in the concourse area. Would like everyone to check and see if they have any old records from the ‘5o’s and ‘60’s so we can make a CD of music to play throughout the convention. Still looking for ideas for food. (hamburgers & fries, milkshakes, & rootbeer floats) are some of the ideas so far. Please check website for summer convention meetings & dates.

Old business:

Discussion on the spring and fall campout. The club has decided to try a spring campout for the first time. The date has been set for May 18 & 19 at the Brown County Fairgrounds. Because there are no advanced reservations accepted just plan on camping in the northwest section where there are full hookups and look for other Driftbuster members. No special events have been planned so will be open to any ideas from everyone planning on attending. The fall campout has been set for Sept. 14 & 15 at Wylie Park. A block of sites have been set aside, (sites 61 through 68, 77 through 81, and 87 through 89) and reserved for the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Please call 605-626-3512 and ask for Vicki if possible to have your name put on one of these sites as soon as possible. The sites need to be paid for by Aug. 1. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MENTION THAT YOU ARE WITH THE DRIFTBUSTERS SNOWMOBILE CLUB. Will have the same events as in years past. Will update you in the fall.

Krysti Mikkonen presented her proposal for a new Driftbusters web site. Her proposal details major changes compared to the web site we have now. It will have an updated look, a way to be more efficiently and effectively manage the content. A website that can be read on mobile devices, a site that navigates well, integration and visibility of social media communication and invitations, and represents Aberdeen Driftbusters with a professional and inviting impression of the Club.
After much discussion it was decided to accept her proposal. Motion made by Al Nagel seconded by Corey Gelling, Motion carried.
A gift was presented to Sunny Pence in appreciation for being president of the club this past year.

Motion to Adjourn. Motion made by Al Nagel seconded by Jim Gelling,Motion carried.

Cheryl Gelling, Secretary


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