Feb. Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Feb. 2 meeting minutes

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Jeff Thorne

Minutes of the meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling. Jeff asked for any corrections or additions, Duane Sutton stated that the last names of two people were misspelled. Jeff asked for a motion to approve the meeting minutes. A motion made by Al Nagel to approve, seconded by Ken Ham, motion carried.

Treasures report by Jim Freidt.  Motion to approve by Duane Sutton, seconded by James Gelling, motion carried.

SDSA report by Jeff Thorne. Jeff stated that the Governor’s ride is looking for a place for the meetings as the Comfort Inn has been closed due to water damage. Jeff stated that when a place is found he will contact Cheryl Gelling, Sec. to let all members know where the meetings will be held. Jeff also stated that those who had rooms at the Comfort Inn for the Governor’s ride will have to reserve rooms at another location.

Advisory Report by Al Nagel. Al stated that the only thing that he has is he is waiting to hear where the advisory meeting will be held before the Governor’s ride.  

Trail Report by Jeff Thorne. Jeff stated that the trail is hard, icy and very poor.

Activities/Trail Rides. Because of the snow conditions the radar run and chili feed at the Richmond Oasis has been cancelled. Discussion was held on the Pizza/Swim party. It was decided to try for Sunday, April 9th. Cheryl Gelling will check with Super 8 East to see if the date is available if so she will reserve that date. Cheryl also said she would check with Wylie Park Campground if the weekend of Sept. 15th. would be available for our fall campout and membership drive.

News letter will be by Matt Olson.

New Business. Duane Sutton stated he has ACSA Calendars for anyone that wants one. Next months meeting will be in Frederick at the Titans Restaurant and Bar on March 2nd. and our last meeting will be April 6th. at the Pizza ranch.  

Jim Freidt stated that he is resigning as treasurer at the end of this season and that it is time for someone else to step up and be treasurer and that he will help anyone in the transition. Nominations need to be made at the next meeting for 2 board members, president elect, secretary and treasurer. Cheryl Gelling stated if no one is interested in the secretary position she will do it for one more year.

Old Business: It was decided that members that are attending the Governor’s Ride to meet Friday, Feb. 17th. at Dumont Lot at 9:30am mountain time for a club ride.   Bill Kirshenman stated that he has 15 rooms reserved at Deadwood Gulch for Feb.28 through March 5th. Anyone needing a room for that time frame contact him for more information at 380-4721. Jim Freidt stated he has an enclosed snowmobile trailer for sale for more information call him at 290-7603.

Bids for the sled and trailer.

   There was 3 bids on the snowmobile and one on the trailer.

   The high bid on the snowmobile was from Matt Fieckert for $1,300.

   The high bid on the trailer was from Ted Sutton for $800.

A motion was made by Jim Freidt to accept the bid of $1,300 on the snowmobile, seconded by Al Nagel, motion carried. A motion was made to accept the bid of $800 for the trailer was made by Brent Fisher and seconded by Ken Ham, motion carried. Jim Gelling stated that the club would like to thank Curt Merkel for allowing us to park the sled and trailer at Curt’s Motorsports so everyone who wanted to bid on it could look it over. Cheryl Gelling showed everyone the receipt and thank you from the club donation to the Aberdeen Humane Society of $55.    

Next meeting is in Frederick at The Titan’s Restaurant and Bar on March 2nd. at 7:30 pm.                

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jim Gelling and seconded by Al Nagel. Meeting adjourned.


Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

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