February Meeting Minutes

February 1st. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at Anchor’s Away by Jim Gelling for Pres. Lee Olson
Secretary’s Report by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl handed out the minutes from last month and asked if there were any corrections or additions. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Duane Sutton, seconded by Al Nagel, motion approved. Treasurers Report by Ann Nagel: To date we have 91 members and at the club ride in the Black Hills we picked up 4 new members. Motion to accept by Ken Ham, seconded by Jim Friedt, motion approved.
SDSA Report: Jeff Thorne wasn’t able to attend so he asked Jim weaver to report. Govenor’s Ride is Feb 17. Headquarted out of the Holiday Inn at Spearfish, and the ride will leave from Hardy Camp Sat. morning after a brunch and the social hour will be back at the Holiday Inn Sat. night. Snocross races were a great success and SDSA had a lot of good exposure. Jeff asked that the club get a list put together for our volunteer hrs. as it has to be turned in in March.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: Upcoming meeting will be on Friday the 16th. at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish. Al stated that he contacted the Game, Fish, and Parks in regards to everybody having trouble logging on to the trail cameras. Ryan Raynor called back thanking him for letting the state know about this ongoing problem.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver : The gravel that was put on the river crossing below the Richmond dam looks great. Jim stated the we need at least 6 inches of snow before we can even think about grooming.
Emergency reaction by Sunny Pence: Sunny brought the outdated list of the emergency reaction members and the club went over the list and deleted the names that are no longer members and added the names of the new people that will replace them. When the new list is completed Sunny and Stacey will give it to the Sec. Cheryl Gelling and she will put it in our files for future reference. Jim Friedt stated his son will take over one of the section leader position.
Yetis Report: Jim Gelling stated that Matt Olson wanted him to inform everyone that the Yetis snowmobile trip to Wisconsin was canceled. Matt also wanted to tell everyone that the Yetis are planning a raffle to be held at the Governor’s Ride. Al Nagel stated that he would bring up having a Yetis member sit in on the advisory board meeting.
Safety Report: Nothing to report at this time.
Charity Report: Ann Nagel stated that the Salvation Army was very appreciative of the $250 check that the club voted to donate to them. Linda Dykema presented the Salvation Army with the canned goods that was collected at the Christmas Holiday Party. Ann stated that she took the $110 from the 50/50 split pot raffle from the Christmas Holiday Party to Journey Home and they were so appreciative. Ann stated that she put all 3 of the donation pictures on the Driftbusters Facebook page.
Publicity: Nothing to report.
Activities: Pizza/Swim Party in April. Super 8 East, where we have had our Pizza/Swim parties for the last several years has closed their pool, so Cheryl Gelling stated she contacted several places that have pools to have the party. After much discussion it was decided to have the Pizza/Swim party at the AmericInn on April 15, starting at 3pm with more details to follow. Cheryl Gelling asked if the club wanted her to book the reservations at Wylie Park for the fall membership drive and campout along with the Go Karts. After a brief discussion it was decided to do this on the weekend of Sept. 14th., 15th. which is the weekend after Hay Days.
Monthly News Letter: Matt Olson wanted to say he is sorry he did not get the last club news article in to Mary Ann soon enough but he has already sent her a news article for Jan/Feb which will be in the March SnoPlainsman. He stated he will do the last news article for the year. Good for you Matt.
Old business: Ann Nagel stated she was contacted by Laurie Hadrick to ask club members if they remember what happened to their cat cutter that was used in a display that the Driftbusters had at Wylie for the festival of lights many years ago. Laurie stated she would like to have it back for her grandkids. Duane Sutton stated he still has SDSA calendars if anyone wants one.
New business: Discussion was held on where to have our last 2 meetings. Stacey Pence stated that The Crossing at Mina Lake, which is part of the MStation, would be a good place. After much discussion Ken Ham made a motion to have the March meeting at The Crossing at Mina Lake and Jim Weaver seconded the motion, motion approved. And our last meeting in April will be held at the Pizza Ranch.
Splitpot drawing of $26 was won by Al Nagel.
A motion to adjourn was made by Evan Halvorson and seconded by Duane Sutton, meeting adjourned.
Jim Gelling, acting Pres. for Lee Olson

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