Jan. 5th. meeting minutes

Driftbusters January 5 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Jim Gelling filling in for Jeff Thorne.

Introductions were made by all.

Meeting minutes by Cheryl Gelling, Minutes for the Dec. 1 meeting were passed out and Jim Gelling asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes , if not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Al Nagel made a motion to accept the minutes and Joey Nagel seconded the motion, motion approved.

Treasurers report by Jim Friedt. Motion to approve was made by Ken Ham seconded by Evan Halvorson, motion approved.

SDSA report: Stacey said the Governors Ride is coming up on Feb. 18th. so get your reservations in at the Comfort Inn. Tracy Olson stated that Matt hasn’t heard anything from the Kaos group if they will be participating in the Governor’s ride. Check the SnoPlainsman for the Governor’s winter games events and schedule on Jan. 21, 22 hosted by the Poinsett Pounders at the Lake Poinsett Pier 81 resort.

Advisory Council report by Al Nagel: The next meeting will be Fri. Night at the Governor’s ride. Check the Snoplainsman on how SDSA members can get a discount on their SnoCros tickets. It is recommended to get your tickets early as they expect a sell out for both nights.

Trail report by Jim Weaver: The entire trail was groomed for the second time yesterday and today. The trail has snow on 90% if it but everyone is cautioned to watch for icy spots. The club has paid for having gravel put on the trail below the dam at Richmond Lake. Jim talked to Ryan Rymer, state trails coordinator, if the state would help pay for cementing a culvert in this crossing as it becomes a problem every year. Ryan stated that because it is on private land we would need to get a long term lease signed with the land owner to do this. The cost to have the gravel put there this year was $576. Jim said he found some trail ends sign so we need to put one at Mstation at Mina and at Becklers at Bath and in Frederick. Jim stated the first time we groomed the groomer developed a hydraulic leak and we lost all the hyd. Fluid. It ended up being an easy fix as a plug came lose in a hyd. Fitting and just needed to be tightened up. The groomer is now running great and there are no issues. Jim Gelling stated he got an email from Robert Teachout that he sent his report for inspecting our trail to Ryan Rymer and everything was approved.  

Emergency reaction by Sunny Pence: Jim Weaver read a letter from Scott Meidts from Brown County Emergency management, that they would accept the donation of the emergency sled from the Aberdeen Driftbusters but they do not want the 2 place snowmobile trailer or snowmobile. So a motion was made by Jim Weaver to donate the emergency reaction sled to Brown County Emergency management and motion was seconded by Al Nagel, motion carried. Discussion was held on what to do with the snowmobile and the trailer. The snowmobile is a 1999 Arctic BearCat and the trailer is appox. the same age. After much discussion it was decided to park the snowmobile and trailer at Curts Motorsports and accept bids on it. Anyone interested in it can contact Aberdeen Driftbusters or Curt Merkel at Curts Motorsports.

Safety report by Jim Gelling: Nothing to report at this time.

Charity report: Nothing to report;

Publicity report: Nothing to report.

Activities/trail rides: The radar run has been postponed because of low snow conditions and icy patches all over the field. After some discussion it was decided to reschedule it for Feb. 11th. and possibly have a chili feed along with a food drive for charity. The steak feed will be Sat. Jan. 7th. from 5pm to 7pm, Jim Friedt stated he plans to ride to Frederick this Sat. and anyone wanting to ride with him he will be leaving Fossum Field at approx. 11:30 am. so just contact him. It was decided to sell 50/50 tickets for charity at the steak feed on Sat. Jan. 5th. There is a club ride scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 15th. leaving from Westport at 1pm. Jan. 20th. and 21st is the club rides in the Black Hills. (see note at the end of the meeting minutes for more details on club rides). Jan. 28th. club ride leaving from Frederick at 1pm. .

Monthly News article:   Matt Olson will do this.

Convention report by Kelly Weaver: Kelly handed out a SDSA 2016 Convention financial report for all to read. Kelly stated there are still a few bills left to come in. Duane Sutton has received a new replacement banner for the one that had been stolen so we need to pay for that. Everyone was thanked for their help and participation on one of the best conventions we have had.

Old Business: Nothing to report.

New business:  Jim Friedt read a very touching thank you letter from the family who lost their 9yr. old son who are members of the Town and Country SnoDrifters.   

Next meeting will be Feb. 2nd. at The Shed in Westport at 7:30 pm.

Split pot drawing:  Al Nagel won $30 and the club received $29

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Al Nagel and seconded by Ken Ham, meeting adjourned.


Discussion was held at the steak feed Sat. night and it was decided that everyone will meet Fri. morning at 9:30am at Dumont Lot, which is south of Recreational Springs, on Rockford Road, for the Fri. club trail ride. We will meet at Trailshead at 9:30am Sat. morning for the Sat. club trail ride.    Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

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