Jan. Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Jan.7th. meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. James Gelling.

Introductions were made by all.

Minutes of the meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling, for everyone to read. Pres asked for any corrections or additions, if not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept was made by Al Nagel and seconded by Tracy Olson, motion carried.

Treasurers report by Jim Friedt. Ann Nagel stated that the signature cards we have for our CD’s at Plains Commerce Bank need to be updated. After a brief discussion a motion was made by Ann Nagel to put James H. Weaver and James Friedt on the signature authorization cards and to require 2 signatures to make any changes to the Driftbusters CD account. Stacey Pence seconded. Motion carried. Motion to accept the treasurers report was made by Ken Ham and seconded by Chris Ulrich, motion approved.

Committee Reports:  

SDSA report by Pres. Jim Gelling: Jim stated that he received an email from Jeff Thorne that he is out of town and wouldn’t be able to make the meeting but he wanted to remind everyone that SDSA is sponsoring the Sno Cross races in Deadwood Jan. 22 & 23 so every SDSA member is entitled to get a 10% discount when you purchase your Sno Cross tickets. Jeff also wanted to remind everyone that haven’t already done so to get your reservation for your rooms for the governors ride Feb. 13th. A block of rooms have been set aside at the Comfort Inn.    

Advisory report by Al Nagel: Al stated that he got an email from Ryan Raynor that the hills have minimal snow and grooming is on a limited basis. After a brief discussion it was decided to go ahead with our club trail ride in the hills and hope for more snow. Al stated that the next advisory meeting will be during the Governors ride.

Trail report by Jim Weaver: Jim stated we had enough snow to groom the trail. The east and west sections on the trail are good and there was enough to establish a base but the rest of the trail was marginal. Jim asked anyone riding the trail to watch the markers along the trail and if you see any out of place or bent over he asked that you try to straighten them or contact a trail leader. Jim stated that the club purchased a little portable pole chain saw to use to trim branches that stick out along the trail and that have been hitting the cab on the groomer in the past which could eventually cause damage to the lights and mirrors on the groomer. Stacey Pence stated that her and Sunny have the new stick on labels to be put on our junction signs listing information for the new M-Station at Mina and they are waiting for a warm day to go out and put them on.                

Emergency reaction by Sunny Pence: no report

Safey course by Corey Gelling: The plans will be updated at a later date as to having the safety course at our state convention.

Charity report by Stacey Pence: Stacey stated that when she took the canned goods that we collected at our steak feed to the Salvation Army she was told that they were full and could not take any donations at this time but they suggested that we take them to the Journey Home. Stacey stated that they were very appreciative for the donation.

Publicity report: Pres. Jim Gelling asked if everyone had an opportunity to listen the Jim Weaver’s radio interview on Dakota Broadcasting 105.5 about the Driftbusters snowmobile club. Jim did an awesome job and the club owes him a big THANK YOU.   Jim also stated there will be an article out shortly in the Aberdeen Magazine in regard to the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club.  

Activites/Trail rides: Reminder the Club ride in the Black Hills will be Jan. 22 & 23 and the Governor’s ride is Feb. 13th. Discussion was held for setting the date of Feb. 6th. for a radar run at the Richmond Oasis and scheduling some weekend club rides. Keep checking on the Aberdeen Driftbusters web site for more information on these events.  

Monthly news article: Tracy Olson will do this.

Convention report by Kelly Weaver: Kelly stated that we will start having convention meetings at the Ramkota with the first one being Jan. 19th. at 7pm and everyone is to meet in the board room. Everyone is welcome to come to these meetings and Kelly hopes that everyone that was on a committee at the last convention will be available to help with this convention. Jim Friedt stated that he received a form from the insurance company that needs to be filled out in regards to the convention.    (OVER)

Old business: Discussion was held on the ISC convention in Rapid City, June 9,10,11. Anyone wishing to attend or need more information contact Kelly Weaver.

New Business: Cheryl Gelling received a call from Vicki at Wylie Park Campground asking if we would like to reserve our date for our fall campout next Sept. So Cheryl reserved the weekend of Sept. 16-17 which is the weekend after Hay Days. Pres. Jim Gelling asked everyone if this date was ok. Everyone felt the date was ok.                                  Split pot drawing: Cheryl Gelling won $30.

Next meeting is Feb 4th. 2016.

Motion to adjourn was made by Jim Weaver seconded by Evan Halvorson, meeting adjourned.

Pres. James Gelling

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