January 4th. Meeting Minutes

January 4th. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Pres. Lee Olson
Introductions were made by all.
Secretary’s Report by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl handed out the minutes from last month and asked if there were any corrections or additions. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Duane Sutton, seconded Casey Weismantel, motion approved.
Treasurer’s Report by Ann Nagel: We have 83 members, 13 associates, and 3 web site only. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Kenny Ham, seconded Jim Friedt, motion approved.
SDSA & Advisory Report by Al Nagel: They are grooming the trails in the Black Hills. Al stated they are still having problems getting the new SDSA web site up and running. They are also working on the web cam’s for the trail. Governor’s ride is the 17th Feb. which is also when the next advisory meeting will be held.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: The gravel was put in on the crossing below the dam at Richmond and cost $948. Jim stated the club paid for it our of the trail fund and we will be reimbursed for it from the state. Ryan Raynor is still working on getting an advancement for our trail fund as we have in the past. Jim reminded everyone to check their section of the trail to make sure all the signs are still in place. As soon as we get some snow we are ready to go.
Emergency Reaction Report: Al Nagel stated he is still trying to find somebody for the SE district. Jim Freidt stated he would check with his son Mitch to see if he would take that section. A picture was passed around of the emergency reaction sled that we donated to the county on a trailer with an ATV side by side with tracks that the county plans on using in an emergency.
Yetis Report by Matt Olson: Matt stated that the Yetis are going to northern Wisc. Feb. 8th. to meet with their group for a trail ride Feb 9-10. A week after that they will be meeting to vote for a member to be on the SDSA board. Al Nagel stated that he could put them on the advisory agenda for the Feb. meeting at the Governor’s Ride. Matt said they will invite the Wisc. group to come to Sioux Falls for the 2018 state convention. Matt stated they are still looking for new members between the ages of 12 and 20.
Safety Report by Corey Gelling: Corey stated there was nothing new at this time.
Charity Report by Ann Nagel: Ann stated she went to the Salvation Army and gave them a check for $250 and got a picture of her presenting the check. Ann wanted to remind everyone that we will be collecting canned goods for the food pantry this Sat. night at our Steak Feed Xmas party starting at 5:30 to 7pm and that she will be selling split pot tickets with the money going to a charity.
Activities/Trail Rides: Jim Weaver stated that he purchased 100 ribeye steaks and some hot dogs and will start cooking at 5:30pm. on Sat. Jan. 6th. at the Richmond Oasis. Our club trail ride is scheduled for Jan. 19th. & 20th. in the Black Hills. Everyone wanting to participate in the club rides are to meet at Dumont Lot both mornings as rides will start at 9:30am each morning. All club members are invited to attend the club meal at Creekside Restaurant at Deadwood Gulch Resort, the gathering is scheduled for 5pm so that members will be able to eat before attending the Sno-Cross races. Club members will be able to order off the menu and will be given $20 per person towards your meal. PLEASE RSVP meal plans to Ann Nagel at 605-228-4143 or email anagel4@abe.midco.net ( all times are local times). Jim Freidt stated that he talked to Deadwood Gulch and was told that when you come in the door to the restaurant turn to your left for the gathering and they stated if we are there by 5pm they will do their best to get the food out so people will have time to get to the Sno-Cross races. Jim Weaver stated that everyone planning on attending the Sno-Cross races should get their tickets early as they were sold out last year.
Monthly News Article: Matt Olson said he would do this again.
Old Business: Cheryl Gelling stated that her, Jim, & Matt took the remaining trophies that were in the trophy case around to the snowmobile dealers in Aberdeen asked if they would like to have some for display in their business. They were all more than happy to do this and each dealer took from 1 to 4 trophies. We now only have a few small plagues left and anyone that is interested in one of them contact Cheryl Gelling at 605-329-7402.
New Business: Ann Nagel asked everyone’s opinion if the club would be willing to pay the associate membership for Sivertsen Technology as Paul is donating his time for updating and managing the Driftbusters web site. Paul also has taken over marking the section of the trail from Richmond to Westport. Jim Weaver made a motion to pay the associate member dues for Sivertsen Technology for one year. Al Nagel seconded the motion, motion carried. Cheryl Gelling stated that between Xmas and New Years she called every member that had not paid their dues. She talked to 5 members who stated that they did not want to be members anymore, and 3 members that would be paying their dues, the rest she left messages on their answering machines that if they want to continue being members they need to pay their dues. Cheryl stated that if she didn’t hear from these members she will remove them from the membership list.
Next Meeting: Our nest meeting will be Feb. 1st at Anchors Away on Richmond Lake at 7:30pm.
Jim Gelling made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Ken Ham seconded, meeting adjourned.
Lee Olson, President

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