January Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Jan. 3rd. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Pres. Evan Halvorson.
Introductions were made by all.
Secretary’s Report by Cheryl Gelling: The meeting minutes were handed out prior to the meeting from the Dec. meeting and Evan asked if everyone had read them. Evan asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to accept. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Duane Sutton, seconded by Kenny Ham, motion approved.
Treasures Report by Ann Nagel: We have 91 members, 16 associate members, & 3 web site only members. Motion to approve by Al Nagel, seconded by Jim Weaver, motion approved.
SDSA Report by Kelly Weaver: Kelly stated that all SDSA members can get a discount on your SnoCross tickets for the Deadwood races but you have to do it over the phone. SDSA will also have a booth at the races. Governors ride on Feb. 16th. will be headquartered out of Spearfish Holiday Inn. There is a form in the SnoPlainsman to send in if you plan on attending. Discussion is still on going on the fat tire bikes riding on the snowmobile trail. SDSA dues will be going up next year $5. Next years convention is the 50th. annual convention for SDSA and it will be held in Watertown by the Poinsett Pounders on Dec. 6th. and 7th. The Poinsett Pounders are asking for donations of old shirts to make a quilt and also if each club could give a club history on their club. Cheryl was asked to contact Mary Ann to update club officers in the SnoPlainsman.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: there was an accident in Spearfish Canyon involving a snowmobiler but he doesn’t have any details yet. There has been a couple of trail reroutes and the fat tire bike issue is still on going. Arctic Cat will no longer be furnishing snowmobiles for the Governor’s Ride so SDSA and the Advisory Council are checking in to renting sleds for that day. Next meeting is Feb. 15th. at the Holiday Inn.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: Jim Weaver stated that on Christmas Eve day he and his nephew drove to Hardy Camp in the Black Hills and picked up a new groomer track because we have not received the new track we had ordered from Tucker SnoCat and they can’t give us an answer when it will be delivered. On Christmas Day with the help of Dennis & David Beckler, Sonny Pence and myself the new track was installed. On Sat. Dec. 29th. the grooming was started but because of deep snow conditions the groomer got stuck multiple times and finally had to be pulled out with the use of 2 pickups. So it was decided to stop grooming because we thought there was problems with the groomer. Jim stated that after he made dozens of phone calls he found out that the State of SD orders the new groomers with what is called open differentials which basically means just one front track and one rear track drives. To remedy this problem Tucker makes optional locking differentials but it costs several thousands of dollars more. Jim found out that if we put these locking differentials in our groomer the state will not pay for them so it would be our club expense. Ann Nagel made a motion to table the idea of buying locking differentials at this time. Kenny Ham seconded, motion approved. Kenny Ham started grooming again today (1-03-19) and Jim Gelling followed him in his pickup. They made it all the way to Frederick but they by passed the Mina Loop. Kenny plans on taking the groomer back tomorrow and doing the Mina loop on his way back to Becklers. Ann Nagel made the motion to give $50 to Dennis Beckler and Jim Gelling for the abuse to their pickups on helping to pull out the groomer. Kenny Ham seconded, motion carried.
Emergency reaction: Al Nagel stated the updated the emergency lists have been sent to Scott Meints at Brown County emergency dept.
Yetis Report by Matt Olson: Matt stated they will be having a booth at the SnoCross races in Deadwood. They will be selling sweatshirts, hats, & fire starters. Stop by the booth and say Hi. The day after the Governor’s Ride the Yetis will be having a ride. They are sending a group to ISC in Grand Rapids. They have a Yetis page on the SDSA website where you can get all contact information and order apparel that the Yetis have for sale.
Safety Report by Corey Gelling. Corey stated that he has not got the certificates back yet from the state for the 8 participants that took the snowmobile safety course. Kelly Weaver stated that Snowmobile.org. has several updated snowmobile safety videos that you can view on line.
Charity: Everyone is asked to bring non perishable food items to the holiday party/steak feed Jan 12th. at the Richmond Oasis as these items will be donated to charity.
Publicity: Tracy Olson volunteered to write next months new article for the SnoPlainsman.
Activities/ trail rides. The Holiday party is Jan. 12th at Richmond Oasis. A trail ride will be held starting from Richmond Oasis at 1 pm depending on snow conditions. Will start cooking steaks around 6pm. for members only. A trail ride is also planned for Jan. 19th starting from the MStation at Mina at 1pm. The Jan. 25th. 26th. Black Hills club trail ride will be starting out of Dumont lot at approx. 9am each day.
Old Business: Casey Weismantel held a discussion on the Casino night for March 30th. He is still looking for volunteers to help run some of the games. Tickets for the supper were handed out in books of 6.
New Business: Discussion was held on changing club dues for next year. Motion to increase the family dues from $30 to $40 was made by Joey Nagel. Duane Sutton made a motion to amend the motion to raise the family membership from $30 to $40, full associate membership from $50 to $75. Associate member for SnoPlainsman only from $35 to $50 and to advertise on Driftbusters web site only from $15 to $25. Casey Weismantel seconded, motion approved.
Next 2 meetings will be held at the Elks Feb. 7th. and March 7th. at 7:30pm.
Duane Sutton stated he has ACSA calendars for sale for $20. He also volunteered to display the Driftbusters largest club trophy at the Milstone.
Split pot drawing of $50 was won by Doug Braa.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ken Ham, seconded Jim Gelling, meeting adjourned.
Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

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