March 2nd. meeting minutes

Driftbusters March 2 Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order in Frederick by Pres. Jeff Thorne.

Minutes of the meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling. Jeff asked if there were any corrections or additions if not Jeff asked for a motion to approve the meeting minutes. Ken Ham made the motion to approve seconded by Duane Sutton, motion approved.

Treasurers Report by Cheryl Gelling. There are 103 paid members and 16 associate members. Motion to approve by Jim Gelling, seconded by Al Nagel, motion approved.

SDSA report by Jeff Thorne. Jeff stated there were approx. 80 people for the Governors Ride with 6 dignitaries. He said a lot of people cancelled out thinking the snow was going to be bad but as it turned out it was better than last year. Game Fish & Parks and Shannon Percy did a great job of setting up a trail for the Governor’s Ride. Jeff stated that a fund raiser this Sat. March 4, in Willow Lake for Jacob Holm, the 8 yr. old who died from complications from medical issues. The money raised will be used for scholarships which SDSA will give out each year.    

Advisory Report by Al Nagel. There was extended discussion about the fat tire bike people that are trying to get permission to ride on the snowmobile trails. There are a lot of safety issues so the advisory committee will monitor the issue and decide later. They have been having a lot of mechanical issues with the groomers in the Hills, at one time there was 3 with rear ends out of them and 1 with transmission problems. Luckily with the poor snow conditions in the hills they were able to keep up with the grooming. 12 out of the 16 East river trails were only groomed once or twice. Next meeting is May 13th. in Pierre so you need to get your trail proposals in.

ACSA Report by Duane Sutton. Duane stated that he has ACSA calendars for sale at $20 each. ISC is coming up June 7th through the 10th. in Winnipeg, Canada. ACSA fly in to D.C. will be June 23, 24, 25.  

Trail Report by Jim Gelling. Our trail proposal for next year needs to be turned in. If any of the trail leaders want to make any changes to their section of the trail to contact Jim Weaver as soon as possible, otherwise our trail proposal will be the same as last year.

Charity Report for SDSA by Jeff Thorne. Jeff stated that he needs to turn in the hour count for charity by the end of this month. Anyone that donated any time for club functions total up your hours and get them to Jeff Thorne.

Activities; The Pizza/Swim party is scheduled for April 9th. at the Super 8 East. Swimming starts at 1pm and Pizza will be served at 5:30pm. Everyone planning on attending is asked to contact Wanda Gelling at 605-216-2349 so she knows how many pizzas to order. Our fall membership drive and campout will be Sept. 15-16th. at Wylie Park with details to be finalized at the April 6th. club meeting.    

Old Business; Nothing at this time.

New Business; We need to nominate new officers and board members. There are 2 positions open for board members and treasurer, secretary, and pres. elect. Andy Olson and Evan Halvorson were nominated for board members. There were no nominations for treasurer, secretary, & pres. elect. If anyone knows anyone that would be interested in these positions please come to the April 6th. meeting. President and President Elect are the only position that requires you to have been a past or present board member. Discussion was held on a new start time for the monthly meetings. After some discussion it was decided to leave it at 7:30pm. Discussion was held on the rotating meetings and it was stated it is a good idea and it worked out well this year as it shows appreciation to our associate members by having a meeting at their place of business. It was decided to continue it for next year. More discussion at the April 6th. meeting.  Duane Sutton made a motion to donate $250 to the Jacob Holm memorial ride. Seconded by Ann Nagel. Motion carried.

Tracy Olson reported that Matt Olson went to the KAOS meetings in Deadwood where they changed their name to YETIIS, which stands for Youth Empowerment Through Involvement In Snowmobiling. They elected their officers and Matt Olson was elected the Recorder. Their next meeting will be in Pierre.

Monthly News Article will be written by Ashly Olson.

Next meeting is April 6th. at 7:30 pm at the Pizza Ranch.

Motion to adjourn by Duane Sutton seconded by Ken Ham, meeting adjourned.



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