March Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters March 3rd. meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. Jim Gelling

Introduction were made by all.

Minutes of the Feb. meeting were handed out by Sec. Cheryl Gelling for everyone to read. Pres. asked for any corrections or additions. If not he asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Motion to accept was made by Al Nagel, seconded by Duane Sutton, motion carried.

Treasurers report by Jim Friedt. We have 110 members and 11 associate members. Motion to accept was made by Ken Ham, seconded by Corey Gelling, motion carried.

SDSA by Jeff Thorne. The governor’s ride was a success. Jeff had nothing else to report.

Advisory report, Al Nagel, Al stated that because of the poor snow conditions in the Black Hills the groomers weren’t able to do a lot of grooming. As of now grooming has ceased. There was discussion in the legislator to allow other types of off road vehicles to ride on our trails but it died in committee. Next meeting is May 7th. at 9am in Pierre.

Trail report. Jim Gelling stated that he got an email from the owners of the Elm Lake Resort asking if the Driftbusters would be willing to bring the trail up to Elm Lake. Jim said he sent an answer back that they would have to come to a Driftbusters monthly meeting and we would gladly discuss it with them and explain to them what would have to be done. We have not done any grooming since the last monthly meeting and at this time the groomer is at Dennis Beckler’s and everything is working fine so there is no issues to address as far as the groomer or drag. Jim Gelling stated that he incorrectly put March 15th. as the deadline for grooming in the March newsletter but it is actually March 31st. Kelly stated that we have to turn in a trail proposal for next year and after some discussion it was decided not to make any changes to the trail route for next year.  Duane Sutton stated that he has been helping Sunny Pence with his section of the trail and will take over the responsibility of that section of the trail.

Emergency reaction; there was nothing to report.

Safety report by Corey Gelling: It was decided to have the safety course at the convention next year.

Charity report. Jeff Thorne stated that he needs to turn in a list of volunteer hrs. that the club has done. After some discussion a list was put together for Jeff to turn in.

Publicity; there was nothing to report.

Activities/trail rides; the next event coming up will be the Pizza/Swim party on April 10th. at Super 8 East, swimming will begin at 1pm and pizza will be served at 5:30pm. Wanda Gelling has volunteered to organize this event and is asking every member to please contact her a few days before if they plan on attending so she will have some idea on how many pizza’s to order. Her cell no. is 605-216-2349.

Monthly news article; Matt Olson will write the news article for the April Sno Plainsman. Kelly Weaver and Ann Nagel stated they will be putting an article in the Sno Plainsman for next years convention.

Election of officers and board members.

Cheryl Gelling was nominated and elected for Secretary for next year.

Jim Friedt was nominated and elected for Treasurer for next year.

Dan Rohbach and Joey Nagel, whose terms were up for board members were nominated and elected for another term.

Lee Olson was nominated and elected for Pres. Elect and Jeff Thorne, who was Pres. Elect, will become President next year.

Jeff Thorne made a motion that nominations cease and after everyone approved, motion carried.

Convention Report by Kelly Weaver; Kelly stated that the convention committee will meet again on Tues. March 15th. at the Ramkota at 7pm. She wanted to remind everyone that these meetings will continue every 3rd. Tuesday of the month until convention. Kelly stated that David Beckler has agreed to be the auctioneer for the convention. Kelly stated that her, Ann, and Stacey will be meeting with the Ramkota officials to discuss pricing for meals, etc. for the convention. Discussion was held if we need to set up a pay/pal account so people can register and pay on line for the convention.

Old Business; Discussion was held on ISC convention in Rapid City on June 9,10,11 on Driftbusters members that plan on attending and who would be willing to volunteer their time to help with putting on the convention. Jim Gelling stated that Towtector will have a booth at the ISC convention in Rapid City and has asked that every Driftbuster member that has received a Towtector either bring or send their input on how they like the Towtector’s to them at the convention.    

New business; The Fall Campout and membership drive has been scheduled for Sept. 16-17 at Wylie Park Campground. For all the details go to the Aberdeen Driftbusters web site. Robert Teachout, from Game, Fish, & Parks at Richmond Lake, has asked if anyone would be interested in becoming a campground host for Richmond and Mina state campgrounds for the summer. If you are interested to contact him at Game, Fish, & Parks.

Next meeting is April 7th. at 7:30pm at the Pizza Ranch.

Motion to adjourn was made by Duane Sutton, seconded by Jeff Thorne, meeting adjourned.

Jim Gelling, Pres.

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