March Meeting Minutes

March 1st. Meeting Minutes
Everyone met at The Crossing at Mina for the March meeting and the decision was made to move the meeting to Wakeside at Mina. Meeting was called to order by Lee Olson, Pres.
Introductions were made by all and Jon LaFramboise the SDSA Pres. and his wife Sheridan were introduced.
Secretary’s report by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl handed out the minutes from last month and Lee asked if everyone had read them. Lee asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to approve. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Duane Sutton, seconded by Joey Nagel, motion approved.
Treasurers report by Ann Nagel: We have 92 family members 14 associates and 3 web site only. Motion to approve the treasurers report was made by Kelly Weaver seconded by Duane Sutton, motion approved.
SDSA by Jeff Thorne: The SDSA scholarship applications have to be sent in by April 6th. to Mary Ann. There were 108 riders for the Governor’s ride. There were 9 dignitaries and 5 from Game, Fish, Parks department, 14 in all. Trail conditions were awesome. On April 14th. will be the second annual Jacob Hohm off-road adventures ride and fun day. Jeff asked Jon LaFrambroise, the SDSA Pres., to speak at our meeting. Jon stated that him and his wife plan to attend at least one meeting of each snowmobile club in the state to meet the members and ride their trails if possible. He also gave some updates on what SDSA has been doing and what their future plans are. He said ISC and ACSA are very important to have so we need to keep them going.
Advisory report by Al Nagel: Al stated that Shannon Percy said this is the most grooming they have done in years and they have had very few problems with the groomers. There have been a few accidents reported on the trails but thankfully no fatalities. Next meeting is May 12th. in Pierre. Yetis are sure welcome to sit in on our advisory meetings.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: We finally got to groom the first time this year. We groomed all the way up to Frederick last Friday and then brought the groomer back to Beckler’s on Tuesday. Jim stated we had a lot of traffic on the trail on the weekend. He stated the groomer developed a hydraulic leak and he plans on getting it fixed on Friday. The club received a call from the city of Aberdeen informing us of a stop sign that was knocked down. Jim stated he would check into it. He said we can groom to the end of the month. Jim stated that if you see a marker knocked down when riding the trail to please stop and stand it back up as these trail markers are for everyone’s safety. At our next meeting we will need to go over the trail route and decide if we want to make any changes because our trail proposal for next year will have to be turned in, in May. Jim wanted to thank everyone for all the work they do in helping maintain the snowmobile trail.
Emergency Reaction: Cheryl Gelling stated that Sunny & Stacey Pence emailed her the undated emergency reaction lists and she will keep them in the Drifbusters files. She also handed out several copies at the meeting and if anyone wants a copy just contact the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club.
Split Pot Drawing. Jim Weaver won $37.
Yetis Report by Matt Olson: Matt stated they had a meeting after the Governor’s Ride and it was decided they were not going to become a charter club. That the Yetis just want to have fun and promote snowmobiling to the young kids. He stated they are selling raffle tickets and selling caps to raise money for a camping trip this summer.
Charity: Ann stated that we need to send a report of what we did for charity to the state.
Publicity: The American News published some pictures of club members presenting a check and canned goods to local charities.
Activities: Our annual Pizza/Swim party will be at the AmericInn on April 15th. starting at 3pm with pizza to be served at 5:30pm. Ann Nagel requests that anyone planning on attending to please text, email, or phone her at 228-4143 with a head count so she will know how many pizza’s to order. Wanda Gelling has volunteered to get the beverages and snacks. Fall campout is Sept. 14-15 at Wylie Park Campground details will be finalized at the April meeting. Confirmation email from Thunder Road for the Go Karts at $650.
Safety Report: Nothing at this time.
Monthly News Article: Matt Olson has done this in for April.
New Business: We need to nominate 2 board members and a Pres. Elect for next year. Joey Nagel and Dan Rohbach’s board positions are up this year. Both agreed to be nominated for 2 more years. Evan Halvorson will be our Pres. next year so his board position will be open. Casey Weismantel was nominated to take Evan’s board member position next year. We still need a Pres-Elect for the following year. Al Nagel made a motion to accept and Duane Sutton seconded motion carried. The Pres. Elect position will be tabled until our next meeting.
Old Business: Nothing at this time.
Next meeting will be at the Pizza Ranch on April 5th. at 7:30pm.
The Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club would like to give a big THANK YOU to Jon LaFrambroise, SDSA Pres. and his wife Sheridan for coming all the way from Rapid City to attend our March club meeting and to ride our trail. We really enjoyed meeting and visiting with both you.
Lee asked for a motion to adjourn, Matt Olson made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Weaver, motion carried, meeting adjourned.
Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

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