Nov. meeting minutes

November 3rd. meeting minutes

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Jeff Thorne

Introductions were made by all.

Minutes to the Oct. meeting was handed out for everyone to read. Jeff asked if there was any additions or corrections, if not he asked for a motion to accept the meeting minutes, a motion to accept was made by Al Nagel, second Dan Rohbach, motion carried.

Treasurers report by Jim Freidt. A motion to accept the treasurers report was made by Brent Fisher, seconded by Stacey Pence, motion carried.

Convention report by Kelly Weaver, Ann Nagel, and Stacey Pence. Kelly Weaver went over the schedule for the weekend of the convention. She listed the prices for each event if someone wants to attend just one event. Kelly stated the Driftbusters will have a hospitality room which will be hosted by the Freidt family. The Trailbusters snowmobile club from Beresford area will also have a hospitality room as they will be hosting the SDSA snowmobile convention for next year. The Poinsett Pounders will also have a hospitality room. Ann Nagel went over the list of volunteers she has assigned to jobs during the convention and said she still has some jobs to be filled and asked if anyone wanting to volunteer to please contact her as soon as possible. She asked if anyone had raffle tickets to please turn them in so she can tell where we stand on the sales. Stacey Pence stated that we have been collecting items for the silent auction, live auction and door prizes. She stated that anyone that still has some items to please turn them in as soon as possible. She said that she still has some shirts that the club had purchased earlier for all workers to wear at the convention for anyone that needs one.

Trail report by Jim Weaver. Jim said it is time to mark trail again as the trail has to be marked by Nov. 23rd. Any trail leaders that need any supplies please let him know and he will get them ordered. Jim stated he will be picking up the groomer Tues. night and get it into town to get it ready for grooming and to put it on display for the convention. Jeff Thorne stated the SDSA safety trailer which has the simulator in it will be here on Thurs. night.

Publicity report. Jeff Thorne asked if there was any other advertising for the convention coming up. Kelly stated she had sent some information to Casey Weismantel and she will get the Driftbusters facebook page updated.

Activities/trail rides. After some discussion it was decided to have the steak feed/Xmas party and possibly a radar run on Jan. 7 at the Richmond Oasis. Jim Friedt will check with Alex & Diane to see if that date is ok. Kelly Weaver stated she was asked by Casey Weismantel with the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance that if they hosted some snowmobile events would the Driftbusters be willing to help them. Kelly stated she would discuss it at the club meeting.

Emergency Reaction. Stacey Pence stated that she is working on updating the list of people on the emergency reaction team. Duane Sutton stated that if your name is on the list, you need to go down to the police station and give them your SSN to get registered so you are covered by their insurance when you are participating in an emergency situation. Discussion was held on the emergency snowmobile, sled, and trailer that the club has owned for several years to be used by Brown County emergency personnel. If it would be to our benefit to just donate it to Brown County so we would not have to license it every year and pay for any maintenance it might need on it. A motion was made by Stacey Pence and seconded by Al Nagel that Duane Sutton would contact Scott Meints of Brown County emergency management to see if they would accept the donation of the emergency snowmobile, sled, and trailer from the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. Motion carried.     

Old Business:  SDSA report by Al Nagel. Al stated that the state has bought 2 new groomers and 2 of the older groomers in the Hills will be rotated to 2 clubs in the East river district. Al also stated that people that bought new snowmobiles last year have gotten a letter from the state that they were over charged on sales tax on new sleds and have gotten a refund. So Al said that will have to be discussed at the SDSA convention meeting on how that will affect the budget. Al stated that there has been a few reroutes in the Hills.

New Business. Duane Sutton presented a check from Anchors Away of Richmond Lake to become an associate member of SDSA and Aberdeen Driftbusters. Duane also stated that they asked if we would consider having some of our monthly snowmobile club meetings at their place of business. After much discussion a motion was made by Duane Sutton and seconded by Ann Nagel to start moving our monthly meetings around to associate members that have the space and would like to host our monthly meetings. Motion carried.   The Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club wants to thank Greg Jensen of the Pizza Ranch for providing us with a place for our monthly meetings at the Pizza Ranch for the past couple of years and also all that he has done for the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. We want Greg to know that we will still plan on having several of our meetings at the Pizza Ranch throughout the winter.

   Jim Freidt asked what the club thought of the idea of selling 50/50 raffle tickets at one of the Brown County stock car races to raise money for events for the snowmobile club. Jim was given the ok to contact the race promoter Todd Neuendorf, to see if he would consider the idea.

Next meeting will be Dec. 1st. at Anchors Away tentatively and it will be on the web site, in the newsletter and on facebook.                Motion to adjourn by Ann Nagel and seconded by James Gelling, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

                                                                           Cheryl Gelling, Secretary

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