October Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Oct. 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Jeff Thorne

Introductions were made by all.

Minutes to the Sept. meeting was handed out for everyone to read. Jeff asked if there was any additions or corrections, if not he asked for a motion to accept the meeting minutes, a motion to accept was made by Jim Friedt and seconded by Corey Gelling, motion approved.

Treasurer Report by Jim Friedt. Motion to approve by Jim Gelling and seconded by Tracy Olson, motion approved.

SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne: Jeff stated he has the 50/50 tickets and will be handing them out. State convention is coming up in Nov. and we need nominations for the awards.

Advisory Report: Nothing at this time.

Trail Report by Jim Weaver: Nov. 1st. is the start date for marking the trail and the trail has to be in by Nov. 23rd. Jim stated that if the ditches are mowed and the farmers have the crops out you can start marking your section of the trail a week early. Art Ham volunteered to help Duane Sutton with his section, also Jim Weaver stated that he was contacted by Dennis Gelling that Dennis’s grandson also wants to help learn how to mark the snowmobile trails. Jim asked if the trail leaders have any concerns or questions to their section of the trail to contact him. Jim said he would get the groomer in and service it and get it hooked to the drag. Jim Gelling stated he contacted North Central Farmers Elevator if they would be willing to make up a sign that we can put at the end of our trail in Frederick stating that they will have credit card gas pumps at the top of the hill on the west side of Frederick on the corner of main street and Hwy. 281. Jim Gelling said they answered back that they would do that and wanted to know what size sign we wanted.   Jim Gelling showed the club one of our signs we have at all junctions and asked for ideas on the changes that need to be made on them. Such as, we will replace the Main Street Station in Frederick with NCFE credit card gas pumps and we need to put the word Mina in front of MStation. The club decided to have Jim Gelling contact Western Printing to have the updates made. Jim Gelling stated that we applied for and have received a credit card from NCFE so we can fuel the groomer at Frederick. Jim Weaver asked if we should apply for an advance on our trail fund after some discussion it was decided to do this so Jim said he would take care of this.

Emergency Reaction: Nothing to report at this time.

Safety Report by Corey Gelling: The safety course is scheduled for Sat. during the convention.

Charity Report: Nothing to report.

Publicity Report by Kelly Weaver: It was decided we would talk about this during the convention report.

Convention Report by Kelly Weaver: Kelly stated that she has sent our detailed articles about the convention, the safety course and the avalance course to all snowmobile publications in S.D. as well as N.D. She also has interviews that will be on the radio in addition to an article that will be in the Aberdeen News Out and About on Oct. 28th.   Kelly stated that we need volunteers to help with the convention and she handed out a volunteer list for people to sign up. Also asking all members to collect prizes for the silent and live auctions at the convention, and that they do not have to be snowmobile related items. Get your registrations form in and your rooms booked as the block of rooms will be released Oct. 10th.   She wanted to remind everyone that we are selling $20 raffle tickets on a Henry Golden Boy gun to be given away at the convention. She reminded everyone that the safety avalanche course will be free to anyone who wants to attend and is a must for anyone who is planning on going to the mountains snowmobiling. The snowmobile safety course will also be free to anyone young or old who wants to take it. Spread the word to your friends whether they belong to a club or not.

Old Business: Jeff thanked Dan Rohbach and Joey Nagel for the awesome job they did on the Gypsy Day parade float.

New Business: Jim Friedt made a motion that the club buy $100 of Everyone Wins Tickets as we have in the past. Motions seconded by Tracy Olson, motion passed.    Dan Rohbach said he was contacted by Les Blocker who owns the old motocross track on the west side of Aberdeen that if he had snow hauled in there during the winter would the club be interested in grooming it so people would have a place to play on with their snowmobiles? Jim Weaver stated it would be a great idea but unfortunately our groomer is owned by the state which has very strict rules on what the groomer can be used for. Jim Gelling stated that the club still has the old drag that hasn’t been used for years and if someone could find a track tractor to pull the old drag it would work great for a project like this. Discussion was held on the cost of having the campout. Jim Freidt stated that the cost for the GoKarts has been going up more and more every year and was $760 this year. In the past we used the money we received for putting on the Halloween Haunted Forest scene to help pay for the GoKarts. We had to give up putting on the Haunted Forest scene because we could not get enough club members to help put on the scene. So we are asking everyone for any ideas of other things we can do to keep the cost down for the campout weekend.

Nominations were held for awards that will be given at the convention.  

Nominations for youth snowmobiler ages 12 and up are Logan Nagel, Matt Olson

                                                          ages 11 and under is Landon Braun

There were no nominations for groomer of the year because both of our groomers have already received the award.

Nomination for snowmobile woman of the year is Cheryl Gelling

Nomination for man snowmobiler is Jim Freidt.

Nomination for family of the year is the Corey Gelling Family.

Motion was made by Jim Weaver and seconded by Stacey Pence to nominate Jeff Thorne for another term as district 3 director, motion passed.

There was no nomination for Hall of Fame.

Jeff Thorne asked for a motion to adjourn. Jim Weaver made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Tracy Olson seconded, motion carried, Meeting adjourned

Next meeting is Nov.3rd. at the Pizza Ranch at 7:30pm.  


Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

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