October Meeting Minutes

Driftbusters Oct. Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by Pres.-Elect Dan Rorhbach.
Dan asked Joey Nagel to give a report on the special meeting of the board at the Sept. campout. Joey said the board members met to decide where to get the money to pay the monthly bills. Joey stated the board members decided to transfer $2,500 from the trail fund to the general and to be reimbursed by Sept. 1st. 2019.
Secretary Report by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl handed out the minutes from the Sept. meeting and Dan asked if everyone had read them. Dan asked if there were any corrections or additions if not he asked for a motion to accept. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Duane Sutton, seconded by Jeff Thorne, motion approved.

Treasures Report by Ann Nagel: To date we have 50 paid members and 8 paid associates. Ann stated that she needs to pay the insurance which is $924. Motion was made to put in for an advancement payment on our trail fund by Joey Nagel, and Duane Sutton seconded, motion approved.
SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne; SDSA raffle tickets for a CanAm are $50. SDSA convention will be Nov 30-Dec.1 in Sioux Falls. The SnoPro race are in Jan. 25-26. Ann stated that she heard from Mary Ann that we will have 5 delegates at the convention. She stated that she also has all the forms for man/woman/youth/teen/groomer/family/hall of fame of the year awards which are due by Nov. 1st. She stated that Jeff Thorne’s position of District 3 Director will be up this year so we need to elect someone.
Advisory Report by Al Nagel: There was damage to some of the trails in the Black Hills by tornadoes and they hope to have it cleared up. The Advisory Council meeting is Nov. 1, 10:am at the convention in Sioux Falls.
Trail Report by Jim Weaver: Jim said we can start putting in our trail Nov. 1st. or maybe sooner if the ditches are mowed. Trail must be in by Nov. 23rd. and then Game, Fish, and Parks has to inspect it. Jim stated he will have to do a reroute on his section because they are putting in curb and gutters along 8th. Ave. east of Western Printing where they are building the new soybean plant. The groomer was inspected by the state and they discovered we have 2 front broken leaf springs. Jim said he has the parts, just needs to find time to have them replaced. Jim stated that we need a back up groomer operator to help groom the snowmobile trail this winter. Anyone interested contact Jim Weaver at 216-5309.
Emergency Reaction: Al Nagel has taken this over from Sonny Pence and there is nothing to report.
Safety Report by Jim Gelling: Jim stated that the safety course will be Sunday, November 18th. 2-5 at the Pizza Ranch. Contact Corey Gelling at 605-228-6827 for more information or to sign up.
Charity: nothing at this time.
Publicity by Cheryl Gelling: Cheryl stated that she talked to Cuyler Meade who replaced Andrew Johnson as sports editor for the Aberdeen American News. Cheryl explained to him that we have made the sports editor a complimentary member in the past and he would be the go to person when we need to have anything published in regards to the snowmobile club. Joey Nagel made a motion to make Cuyler an honorary member and Jeff Thorne seconded, motion approved.
Activities/ Trail Rides. Discussion was held on having a club ride in the Black Hills on SnoCross weekend. Al Nagel made a motion to have the ride and Duane Sutton seconded, motion approved. It was decided to let everyone make their own reservations for this event.
Monthly News Letter: Ann Nagel said she will do this.
Convention Report: Ann Nagel stated that we need 5 members to be delegates at the convention meeting. Kelly Weaver stated that one thing she thinks that will be discussed is a raise in SDSA dues. Ann Nagel stated that next year SDSA turns 50 as does the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club and it would be awesome if the Driftbusters could get the award for being the largest club again.
New business: A long discussion was held on how the club can recruit new members, raise money for the club, and have new events. Such as have a booth at the open houses of the local snowmobile dealers to sign up new members. Casey Weismantel gave some suggestions on several different kinds of fund raisers that we could try. He said he will bring more information at our next meeting.
Old Business: Dan Rorhbach asked about the web site chargers and why it costs so much. Ann Nagel stated she has contacted Paul Sivertson about putting a counter on the web site so see if enough people go to it to make it worth keeping. Discussion was held on finding someone to replace Jeff Thorne as District 3 Director. Jeff Thorne will try for Man of the Year, Kelly Weaver nominated Dennis & Char Beckler for Hall of Fame.
Split Pot Drawing: Jeff Thorne won $25.
Next meeting: Anchor’s Away Nov. 1st.
Motion to adjourn by Cheryl Gelling, seconded by Jeff Thorne, meeting adjourned.

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