October News Letter

                                           OCTOBER NEWS LETTER 2013


Hello to everyone, the annual membership drive and fall camp out was a whooping success.  The weather was great and the food was awesome.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  We signed up several new members and thanks to Gregg Jensen from Pizza Ranch every new member will get 2 free buffet dinners at the Pizza Ranch.  So if you know of anyone thinking of joining, now would be the time to do so.

  The list of signs to be moved in the ditches has been turned into the state and hopefully they will be moved in the next few weeks. A big thank you to all who put a lot of time and work into getting this resolved.  It is time to start thinking about marking the trail so if any of the trail leaders need any supplies please contact Jim Weaver.  Anyone who would like to help mark the trails please let us know as we can always use all the help we can get.

   The Driftbusters will have a float in the Gypsy Day parade this year thanks to Dan Rohrbach and Joey Nagel who volunteered to put a float together.  Anyone who would like to volunteer their time to help please contact Dan or Joey.  

   The Haunted Forest is our next project. Everyone agrees that we need to come up with a new theme so if anyone has any new ideas please come to the October meeting or let us know as we plan on having a discussion on it at the meeting.  Also we need all the volunteers we can get to help set up and work the scene. 

   Anyone wanting to purchase a $10,000 Everyone Wins SDSA raffle ticket, which are available now,  contact  Cheryl Gelling, Sec. at Driftbusters@nrctv.com

   There was discussion at the campout about making our radar run a bigger event.  Some of the ideas are giving away prizes, having fireworks afterwards, so if anyone has any more ideas please let us know.

   I keep hearing from several snowmobilers that we have mountain sleds which do not work real well on our snowmobile trails so they do not feel the need to join the club.  But I would like to remind everyone that there are several well funded and well organized groups out there that are determined to stop all snowmobiling on all federal and state lands.  So the only way we can fight them is through all snowmobile clubs joining together to fight these people.  So whether you ride our local trails or not we need your help by joining the club. 

   Next club meeting is October 3, at 7:30 at the Pizza Ranch.


James Gelling, President         


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