Sept. 4, 2014 meeting minutes

Driftbusters Snowmobile Club Meeting                                                                           DATE:   Sept. 4, 2014

Pizza Ranch

7:30 PM

Meeting called to order by President James Gelling.  

Introductions made by all.

Secretary report read by Cheryl Gelling.   Motion to approve by Al Nagel, seconded by Ken Ham, Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report by Jim Friedt. Jim read a note from Carol and Bob Wuertz which stated that even though they are not active members anymore they definitely want to continue to be club members. As everyone knows Bob and Carol are charter members and Bob was our treasurer for many, many years. The club owes Bob and Carol a big thank you. Jim stated he received a letter from the IRS that we have to file a tax report with them every year even though we are a nonprofit organization and therefore don’t have to pay any taxes. Jim took the letter to H&R Block and had them file a report for us and it cost us $26. It was decided to do this every year. Motion to approve by Stacey Pence, seconded by Ann Nagel, motion carried.

Committee Reports:

SDSA Report, nothing to report at this time.

Advisory Report by Al Nagel, very few trail changes in the Black Hills this year. All the state owned groomers have rubber tracks now as the last groomer with steel tracks was traded in. The signing guide lines for the east river trails will be changing this year, we will no longer have any chevrons, instead we will have a directional arrow and before the directional arrow will be a new slow sign which will be placed before the directional arrow like we do a stop ahead sign in front of a stop sign. Revenue was down but so was expenses because there was very little grooming done east river last year. The next meeting is Nov. 7th.   Tony Schmitt was appointed as State Parks Administrator for Northeast SD. He is now located in Watertown.

Trail Report, we will have the same route as last year and discussion was held on the changes being made in regards to doing away with the chevrons and replacing them with directional arrows and slow signs. It was decided we will try to have Tony Schmitt come to our next meeting to explain the new changes and the reasons for them. The groomer shouldn’t need a lot of servicing because it had very little use last year.

Emergency Reaction: Nothing to report.

Safety:   Safety course date will be around Thanksgiving, we will ask for the training simulator again, it was held at the YMCA last year but we will check on some possible new locations this year.

Charity: nothing to report

Publicity: there was a notice in the Aberdeen American news for the campout.

Activities/Trail Rides: The fall campout and membership drive will be Sept. 12-13 at Wylie Park. There are still 4 camp sites available. We will be having a scene for the Haunted Forest at the Lions Den. Please come to the campout as we will be discussing what our theme will be this year for the Haunted Forest.

Monthly News Article: Ann Nagel volunteered to do this month and Tracy Olson was volunteered for next month.

Old Business: None

New Business: Convention bid is on hold until all the details get worked out on the new owner of the Ramkota Convention Center. Al Nagel suggested that we have a Club ride in the hills this year. After some discussion it was decided we would pick the weekend of Jan. 31/Feb 1 as that is the weekend of the Snow Cross Races in Deadwood. Al volunteered to check with Rec. Springs to reserve a block of rooms. Jim Friedt made a motion to do free meals again for all new members. Seconded by Stacey Pence. Motion carried. People who want to pay their dues at the campout will be given an envelope to put your dues in and to fill out the front of the envelope with your undated information: such as, name, address, phone, email,

Next meeting date is: Oct. 2nd. at 7:30 pm at the Pizza Ranch

Motion to adjourn by Sonny Pence, Seconded Ann Nagel, Motion carried, Meeting adjourned

Cheryl Gelling, Sec.

UPDATED NOTE: The Oct. 2nd. monthly meeting has been changed to Oct. 9th. so Tony Schmitt, our state trails specialist can come to the meeting and explain the new trail marking changes.

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