September 1st. Meeting Minutes

                                               Driftbusters Sept. 1, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. Jeff Thorne.

Secretaries report:

Jeff asked if everyone read the minutes that Cheryl handed out before the meeting from our April 2016 meeting and if anyone had any additions or corrections. If not a motion to approve was made by Duane Sutton and seconded by Jim Friedt. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report by Jim Friedt. Jim stated the reason the trail fund is low is because we transferred money from the trail fund to the club fund last spring to pay for expenses for the upcoming convention.   Jim asked if we are going to donate to ACSA . Kelly Weaver made the motion to donate the same amount as we did last year. ($250).   Tracy Olson seconded. Motion carried.

SDSA Report by Jeff Thorne. Jeff stated that the 2016 convention will be in Aberdeen and as of now there are no bids for the 2017 convention. So SDSA will be in charge for the 2017 convention unless a club steps up. Jeff stated that the Poinsett Pounders presented a bid for the 2017 convention with the stipulation that they would also get the 2019 bid, which will be the 50th. anniversary of SDSA. The SDSA board rejected that offer so the Poinsett Pounders retracted their 2017 bid. Jeff Thorne stated that Greg Hiles will not be doing the 50/50 tickets this year so Jeff stated that he will do this. He is working on sponsors for this.

Advisory Report by Jim Weaver. 2 new groomers were purchased this year for the Hills so 2 of the older groomers from the Hills will be made available to east river clubs. Webster was mentioned on maybe getting one of them.

Trail Report by Jim Weaver. Jim stated our trail was approved with no changes so the trail will follow the exact same route as last year. The only change in trail leaders will be Duane Sutton taking over Sonny Pence’s section. Trail marking can begin the end of Oct. or as soon as the ditches are mowed and the markers have to be in by Nov. 20th. so Robert Teachout with Game, Fish, and Parks can inspect it. Jim stated the groomer which had very low use last year should be ready to go. He will get it in at a later date and change the oil. Cheryl Gelling reported that North Central Farmers Elevator is in the process of installing credit card gas pumps on the west side of Frederick. They should be up and running this fall. Jim Gelling checked with them and they will have unleaded regular gas available and if there was enough interest they would consider offering unleaded premium.  

Emergency Reaction: Jeff Thorne stated he will check with Sonny Pence so see if he will continue handling the emergency reaction.   

Safety Report by Corey Gelling: Corey stated that he will be putting on the free safety course for anyone that wants to take it and be certified by the state. The snowmobile safety simulator will be available for the training. The course will be held at the convention on Sat. from 1:30 to 5:30. Jeff Thorne stated the SDSA trailer with all the SDSA advertising on it will be in Aberdeen for the convention. Jeff stated also that SDSA is considering buying a second trailer and possibly getting a grant to buy a second snowmobile training simulator. So one can be for east river and one can be for west river.

Charity: Nothing to report at this time.

Publicity: Tracy Olson stated she is volunteering Mathew Olson to do the club news article for the SnoPlainsman on a monthly basis for the 2016-2017 snowmobile season. Everyone said AWESOME and it is great to see a younger member stepping up and becoming involved. Kelly Weaver got an email from In Touch radio station that they have an opening on Oct. 28th to discuss the SDSA convention in Aberdeen. Watch for more details later.

Activities/Trail rides: Jim Friedt made a motion to do the club trail ride in the Hills the same weekend as the SnoCross races Jan 20-21st. Seconded by Jim Weaver. Motion approved. Jim Friedt will check at Deadwood Gulch on getting a block of rooms for that weekend. The Driftbusters fall campout and membership drive will be Sept 16-17th. at Wylie Park Campgrounds. Cheryl Gelling checked with Vicki at Wylie park and was told there are still 5 sites available. Check the Driftbusters web site for the weekend agenda and remember you don’t need a camper to come join us. Dan Rohbach and Joey Nagel will be handling the Driftbusters float for the Gypsy Day parade again this year. Anyone wanting to volunteer helping them contact Dan or Joey.

Convention report by Kelly Weaver: The 47th. Annual SDSA convention will be held in Aberdeen on Nov. 11-12th. at the Ramkota.   The SnoPlainsman that will be out in a few weeks will have the complete agenda along with the form to fill out if you plan on attending the convention. You can also check on the Driftbusters web site to check out the agenda and to print out a registration form. Tim Lund has volunteered to pay for the cost of the avalanche course, which will be put on by Mike Duffy on Sat. from 1pm to 5:30pm. Anyone planning on attending is asked to bring their avalanche equipment as it will be a hands on course. SDSA and the Driftbusters are discussing buying some avalanche equipment to be used during the course and then will be used as prizes. Kelly stated we will be needing a lot of volunteers to help with the convention weekend so please step up and volunteer. Also anyone wanting to donate items for the live and silent auction please contact Kelly Weaver or Stacey Pence. There will be a raffle for a gun. To get more information or tickets contact Joey Nagel. Kelly said that Friday night a youth organization called Kayos will be putting on a program.
Applications for all the snowmobile awards will be due Nov. 1st. The applications are on the SDSA web site.  

Old Business: Jeff Thorne stated that we forgot to do introductions at the beginning of the meeting so will do it now.

New Business: Kelly Weaver stated that SDSA will be giving away $100 at a drawing at the convention for any member that has their dues paid by Nov. 1st. She stated also that if the persons name that is drawn is present at the convention they will receive an additional $100.

Casey Weismantel discussed ways that the Aberdeen Driftbusters and Aberdeen Hotel Alliance could work together in promoting winter events such as snowmobile races, radar runs, snocross type obstacle courses, poker runs, trail rides and all the way down to little kids 120 snowmobile races. He stressed having 2 day events because then the Hotel Alliance would step up and help pay for some of the expenses if people would be staying overnight in hotel rooms. These events could be held in front of the grandstands at the fairgrounds. Casey stated this would be a great way to bring more exposure to the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club. He also stated that anyone having any ideas to contact him or the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club.

Split pot drawing of $36. Jim Friedt won.

Next meeting is Oct.6th.

Motion to adjourn by Corey Gelling seconded by Duane Sutton, meeting adjourned.

Cheryl Gelling, Secretary

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