Mission Statement:

The mission of the Aberdeen Driftbusters Snowmobile Club is to:

•    Stimulate interest in the development of safe use of snowmobiles for enjoyment and recreation;
•    To promote the development and safety of our trail system, by raising funds through sanctioned events, raffles, concessions, etc. and
•    To inform members of local activities and other general information of interest regarding snowmobiling on a regional, state, or national level.

Club Facts:

Became a charter club in 1968
Current membership is approximately 100 families: has been as high as 225+
Charter member of the South Dakota Snowmobile Association (SDSA)
Has been recognized as the largest club in the state at least 15 times
Meets monthly from September-April

The most unique element of the Aberdeen Driftbusters is the family focus of the club.  Many clubs and organizations cater to the husband, the wife, or the kids, but Aberdeen Driftbusters caters to them all. There are several activities each year including club rides, fund raisers and great family activities making the organization the perfect club for families.  Click to Learn more about the many family activities of the Aberdeen Driftbusters.  


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