South Dakota Snowmobile Association

Snowmobile Safety and Certification

  • The SOUTH DAKOTA SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION (SDSA) promotes safe snowmobiling for all riders. Before taking a snowmobile ride, familiarize yourself with your sled and the area where you plan to ride and also, always follow these basic safe riding rules:

    • Always ride with a buddy. It’s just foolish to venture out on the trail alone.
    • Always maintain at least 3 seconds of distance between you and the person in front of you.
    • Drinking alcohol and riding don’t mix; hold off on that beverage until you’re back at the lodge!
    • Stop often if you are riding with a large group to make sure everyone is accounted for. Things can happen quickly, so make sure your group doesn’t get so spread out that you leave a rider behind.

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Free Online Certification Safety Course
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